Monday, July 22, 2013

Summertime Fun!

Now that the super crazy part of the summer seems to be behind us, we've been able to have some more down time and relax a bit more.  Definitely nice!  Delaney's super early soccer practices are the main thing throwing a wrench in those plans right now.  UGH!  :-)  Yesterday, the weather was pretty nice and cool in the evening (especially compared to the super hot days we've been having) so we had an impromptu visit to Crown Point Family Fun Center and played some miniature golf, went go-kart racing and spent some tokens.  It was a lot of fun.  I wish there was enough time and energy to do more fun, spontaneous excursions like that.  And, of course, since it was National Ice Cream Day, we got some ice cream on the way home!!!

Delaney decided to take yet another drastic step and chopped off a lot of her hair.  She has a really short, extremely low-maintenance hairstyle now that has been great for the super hot weather.  She has been surprising people left and right with her new look.  (I think she really enjoys that part.)

And this past Saturday, Delaney and Ken participated in the Mudathlon.  Chris Perez and Jack Atwood helped start a team for the event in support of the LAM Foundation.  We lucked out and the super heat wave that we've been enduring cut us a break and while it was still hot out, it wasn't excruciatingly hot out.  I came along as photographer and supporter, but I wore myself out.  If I come next time, I'll need to be more careful -- but we did get some nice pictures!

The Mudathlon was 3 miles and 40 obstacles!!!  I wasn't able to follow them around the entire course obviously, but I caught them at some of the beginning and ending obstacles.

I lost sight of them as they went on through the course for a while, and when they came back around this is what they looked like at mile marker 1:

I think they found the mud in the Mudathlon!  They waved at me, then gamely headed back on through the race.

I told Delaney to keep an eye on her dad to make sure he didn't have a heart attack or something.  He needs to be in better shape for next year.  :-)  Then the ending of the course was a final romp through a large stretch of nothing but mud.  Lovely... NOT!

It was really hard to walk through, not to mention filled with unexpected holes that they sank in... so it was easier to just "float" through the mud.

As a bystander, nice and clean throughout the event, it's hard to understand how everyone seems to be having such a great time while covered in mud -- or a mucking good time as they say.  But everyone had huge, if somewhat dirty, smiles on their faces and I know that both Delaney and Ken are ready to do it again next year.

I couldn't help but laugh as I was watching them try to clean off the mud afterwards in the "showers" set up for those finished with the event.  It was kind of a losing battle; basically you just tried to get as much off as possible and go from there.  Delaney showered a really long time when she got home.  :-)  And to spare everyone, I stopped taking pictures as Kenny started to lose articles of clothing.  HA!


 We'd like to send a special thanks to Jack and Chris for organizing the team!!!

Hopefully we'll see you all there next year!  :-)

Ken, Dani, Dee & Kyle

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