Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Lady Bulldog Soccer, Senior Night, and More!

Delaney's senior soccer year schedule is now over. She is definitely a little melancholy about it. The last post was up to the away LaPorte game. Crown Point won this game 4-1; Delaney got a goal and an assist. Then they had a Saturday away game at Culver Military, which ended at a tie 1-1; Dee scored. Their next game was again away at Chesterton; a tough game, 0-1. Ending their away game streak, they had two games in Indianapolis against Hamilton Southeaster and Brebeuf. Both were a 0-2 loss, which is an improvement over previous losses against these teams! Finally a home game again vs. Valparaiso, this one was quite a nail biter. The score was 0-1 the majority of the game, with a 1-1 tie with only a few minutes left in the game. The game then went into overtime, then onto penalty kicks - which gave us a win! Another home game was next vs. Andrean, a 3-2 win with Dee having 2 goals and an assist. One more home game vs. Merrillville, a 5-0 win. Next was an away game with KV, a 1-3 loss; Dee scored.  Then they had their rescheduled game with St. Joseph, a 1-0 win -- a CP first win against that team. Then, believe it or not, it was time for Delaney's senior night; a 9-0 win, started off with a goal by Dee.




That was their last home game; Dee was a bit emotional about it. Next they had an away game with Munster, a 0-2 loss. Then on to Sectionals! Game 1 was vs. Merrillville, a 9-1 win.  Sectional Final was vs. KV, a 2-0 win!



Regional Game 1 was vs. Highland. It was a rainy, miserable start but they came out strong with a 2-0 lead at halftime. Dee got a goal and an assist. Unfortunately, it was answered very quickly in the second half, tying the game at 2-2; which went into OT, then PK's for a loss. Penalty kicks are a harsh way to lose. The Lady Bulldogs had a great season: undefeated at home, DAC Champions (a 3-way tie with Chesterton & Valpo), and Sectional Winners! It's always a great day to be a Lady Bulldog!!!

During Delaney's high school soccer season, a couple of exciting things happened. One, we got a new kitty: Thor! Loki was initially not overly fond of his new little brother, but they have come to somewhat of a tolerate understanding at this point. He is super friendly, loves to purr, and gets into everything. But he is soooo cute, he can pretty much get away with anything.


Also, Delaney went to her Senior Homecoming with Phoenix. Her Aunt Danah helped her put her hair up; it looked gorgeous. I think they had a great time.



Our nephews, Parker and Connor, are phenoms in Cross Country, and they had a great season. They qualified to run at Semi-State. And our niece's volleyball team won their 6th Grade Championship. Way to go, everyone!


Then on October 29th, we celebrated a family wedding: Kenny's godson Jason married Brooke.

For Halloween, our nephew Michael dressed up as the Millionaire Man from Monopoly. Love it!

And just because the Crown Point high school soccer season is over, it doesn't mean that soccer is -- heavens no! Delaney is already playing with her travel team Three Lions United. They've had 3 games so far.  They've played Michigan Rush, a 0-2 loss (with no subs, so a rough game). Then they won against Sporting QC 2-0, with a loss against Indy Prem 0-1.

Ken, Dani, Dee & Kyle