Monday, September 25, 2017

Summer Over and School in Full Swing!

As always, our summer seemed to go by way too fast. This summer, Kyle participated in Summer Gym, too -- that certainly cut into our summer free time. He had it from 7am to noon every day from June 12th to July 19th. Now that he is done, he has all his gym credits he needs for high school! So while it was definitely an inconvenience and really screwed up our summertime sleeping in, it is so nice for him to not have to deal with daily PE at school and be done with it.

Then right after Summer Gym, Kyle had no time to celebrate before having to go to the orthodontist and get his braces. He's been doing very well with them, he should get them off as his sophomore year is about over. So while this hasn't been the most fun summer for Kyle, he accomplished a lot.

Delaney had a fun opportunity to intern in Chicago through her new UWP Soccer team for a week at the end of July/beginning of August. She was assisting the company that provided the transportation for the MLS All Star Game. She got to stay at the downtown Hyatt, meet a lot of MLS players, drive Audis around, and really enjoyed her experience. She told them that whenever they need help again, to give her a call.

Then it was time for Delaney to move in to UWP for college early since she is an athlete. So on Saturday, August 12th we loaded up the car with all her supplies and headed up to Wisconsin. She is living in a suite style building. There is one area for four suites; each suite has two bedrooms with their own bathroom and shower.


Kenny and I couldn't get over how much room she had.  She and her roommate even have their own walk-in closet and 15' ceilings. It is huge! Our rooms while we were in college, seemed barely larger than her walk-in closet.

She has been tackling those bare walls and personalizing her space. She has added some photos, posters and other stuff to make her room a lot more comfy.

She even personalized her laptop!

Kyle started high school on August 17th. It was nice to only have a two-day week to start off. It is so hard to believe that he is in high school!


Delaney's actual classes didn't start until September 5th! We asked for a selfie on her first day of class, and we received this:

Delaney has had 13 games so far, 9 official, with several road trips: to Minnesota, Missouri and Evansville IN. She isn't a huge fan of the bus trips, but it is nice she is getting some playing time. Kenny has actually gone to a few of the games, but it is awesome that the ones he can't attend we can view online.

It is hard to believe that it is almost October already!

Ken, Dani, Dee & Kyle