Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hammond 3v3 Soccer Champions - U12 Girls Division

On Saturday, July 31, Delaney played in her first 3v3 Soccer tournament in Hammond. She was on a team with six girls total, two of which were on her Three Lions team. It's bit of an adjustment to regular play: smaller field & goals, a box around the goal that no one can cross (defense or offense), no goalie, you can only score on your side of the field, playing both offense and defense throughout, etc. But all the girls did very well! The Three Lions teammates worked extremely well together -- controlling the ball, passing and setting each other up for goals. They were subbed out with the other three girls, who were from Hobart. Kenny used to play 3v3 tournaments all the time (pre-kids mainly), and it was a lot of fun watching them again with Delaney.

Their team shirts were hot-pink -- not a color that Delaney was very thrilled about. Kenny and I had fun chanting, "Go Hot Pink," and watching Delaney shake her head and roll her eyes at us! :-)

Freakishly enough, the weather was perfect for hanging outside all day. It never rained, it wasn't too sunny and hot, it wasn't too cold -- definitely NOT the norm it seems for soccer games. Don't get me wrong, it was wonderful!

They played a total of four games that day. They won each game they played, although one was a nail-biter! In fact, they snuck one goal in RIGHT before the whistle and we thought it had tied the game. I guess we obviously had our goal count off because that last-minute goal won the game. Whew!

Here was one of Dee's many goals throughout the day!!!

After the final game, they headed over to the tent to receive their trophies with a lot of excitement!

And Delaney was THRILLED to receive another shirt (that was NOT hot pink) that said Champions on it!!! I'm sure this is the shirt that she'll be wearing most of the time.

It was a lot of fun. We'll have to do this again! Great job, girls!