Thursday, November 26, 2015

Busy, Tired and Frankly Tired of Being Busy!

I am really starting to hate the word "busy," and I have been diligently trying to work on getting rid of as much busy as I can... but with kids' schedules, work schedules, home/vehicle maintenance, basically you name it... there is only so much that you can eliminate.  Ugh!

©The Strempka Gallery

©The Strempka Gallery

Our last post left off with Delaney in mid-season with her Crown Point High School team.  They had a pretty decent season, but didn't accomplish all their goals -- especially losing sectional this year.  Delaney had some great game winning goals in the Chesterton game and the Sectional opener against Merrillville.  Kenny was able to get some videos:

Even with hectic soccer schedules, a girl still gets to dress up and go to Homecoming.  She braided her own hair too; even soccer girls like to play dress up once in a while!

Dee and Phoenix, Homecoming 2015

Kyle has been continuing with his guitar lessons.  Kyle's guitar teacher wanted him to compose his own song.  So, over the past few months, Kyle had his first song completed (with some help from his teacher).  How cool is that?  Check it out:

And Kyle is still growing (much to Delaney's dismay, as he is already taller than she is).  While she has been told that she is basically done growing, the podiatrist said that Kyle has a lot of room on his growth plate to go.  He's having some growing pains.  He has some stretching exercises to do, new inserts for his shoes, and a brand new shoe size.  He's now a size 10 -- bigger than his Dad now.

Halloween!  Kyle ended up going out in the rain and trick-or-treating with his friends.  He went as Agent Phil Coulson from the Avengers.  When people asked him who he was, he responded with, "I'm sorry, that's classified!"  He also had business cards to hand out to potential heroes inviting them to join the Avengers Initiative.  And, of course, afterwards there was the very intense candy trade!!!


Delaney didn't go trick-or-treating, but she did get dressed up to go help out at a Halloween party at school. She was a spider-vampire lady of some sort.  :-)

It's hard to believe that her junior year of soccer is officially over!  The Sports Awards night was held last week.  Delaney was presented with a few different awards: DAC All Conference Team, Academic All-State, NWI Times All-Area Team Honorable Mention and Post-Tribune All-Area Team Honorable Mention.  Senior year, here she comes!

Once CP soccer ended, it was Three Lions time for a bit.  The team had a College Showcase to attend on November 6th and 7th.  They had a few weeks of practice and some good games down in Indy.  After that weekend, she was benched.  She has some injuries to attend to -- some mid-season injuries to her knees and ankles.  She is in therapy; resting and stretching are the best thing she can do right now.  Hopefully she'll be good to go again when winter training starts back up again.  She has been in contact with various college coaches and is planning some college visits and some campus ID events.

And we've had our first snowfall!  It wasn't just a dusting; we had about 6 inches total.  Crazy!  So not ready for winter.  Can we just skip to the warm weather again?  :-)

Now we get to get ready for the holiday hoopla!

Ken, Dani, Dee & Kyle