Monday, May 26, 2014

Kyle's Recital: Mario Theme Song

We finally got the video ready.  This is Kyle's first ever recital.  He was nervous but did a great job.  :-)  Enjoy!

Luv, Ken, Dani, Dee & Kyle

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Birthday, Easter, Soccer, Guitar and more...

Has the warmer weather come to stay?  It didn't feel like it would EVER get here!!!  It certainly has been nice the last few days.  If we can get through the last 14 days of school, we might just make it.  (* sigh *)

Delaney has been busy with her Three Lions soccer team.  They've had some tough weather to play through, this cold snap has given them some bitterly cold Spring games.  Two of their games were played in a blustery wind that really negated their foot skills; they ended up tying both those games (3-3 and 1-1).  They dominated their next game (8-2), and Delaney got a couple of goals.  They won their next two games (2-1 and 1-0), they were playing very well.  I haven't attended hardly any of her games this season due to the cold weather and the away games are so tiring, so we have taken very few pictures this season.  Then it was time for the State Cup preliminaries, Delaney and Kenny took a trip down to Indianapolis while Kyle and I stayed home again.  The girls played exceptionally well against two very good teams in the MRL 1st Division and MRL Premier Division.  The first team they kept to a tie (0-0), and the second team they lost (0-3).  Delaney and Kenny had a visit while there, walking through downtown and the canal.  Her soccer club is undergoing some changes too.  Three Lions FC is combining with NWI United and Indiana Magic to create Three Lions United. It will be exciting to see what the next season brings.

We had a 90th birthday celebration for Kenny's grandma too.  Everyone got together at his Uncle Rich's house, had fun visiting and looking at old pictures and home movies.  Grandma had a great time, unfortunately one of Delaney's games was during the party so she had to miss all the festivities.

Then this year we had not one, but two Easter meals to attend.  We went to Kenny's Aunt Annette's for lunch, and then we headed back to Danah's house for supper.  The kids and I were stuck in the back of our mini van, with the traffic on the way home, it was quite the trip home -- just a tad too much togetherness.  :-)  It was really nice visiting with our families; however, it was a very long, tiring day.  I nixed having two events like that in one day again for any future get togethers.

My friend RuthAnn and I met up and attended a CTMH event in Chicago.  We got to see the new Captain America movie, The Winter Soldier, and visit a while -- then at the event we got to make some fun projects.  It was nice, my upline was there too, and she organized a photo of everyone in the extended unit:

While RuthAnn and I were having a day, Kenny and the kids went down to Saint Joe.  Kenny played in his alumni game, and they attended Little 500.  Here is Kenny wearing his shirt he received when he arrived on campus back in August of 1990; he graduated 20 years ago!  After being tied 2-2, the alumni team won in a shoot-out.

If you can't tell from the above picture, Kenny has done a great job losing some extra weight.  He participated in a get healthy contest at his work -- and as everyone knows -- money is a good motivator for him.  He ate the same way that I have been eating and did great.  By adding some workouts in addition to eating well, he was able to win the contest by losing 14.44% of his weight (over 30 pounds).  Now, if he can just KEEP it off... :-)

Then we had a busy Sunday, with both Kim's daughter Teresa's first communion and Kyle's recital on the same day.  Teresa had a huge group of supporters there to share in her day, and everyone headed out to the KC for lunch and fellowship afterwards.

We couldn't stay too long because we had to leave to get back for Kyle's very first recital back in Crown Point.  He takes lessons at the Music of Oz, and they had a group of students give a recital: piano, guitar, voice, etc.  Kyle was a little nervous, but he did a great job.  He played the "Theme to Mario."

Kenny started feeling bad around now, starting with a cough and getting a sore throat.  He finally went to the doctor and found out he had pneumonia and bronchitis.  He really felt it too; he didn't want to watch TV, read or even have his computer on (you know that is bad!).  He even missed one of Dee's soccer games, as well as a few days of work -- but he has recovered quite well.

Kyle has had a couple of fun field trips here at the end of the school year.  He went on a Challenger Field Trip that he enjoyed very much, as well as a trip to the Taltree Arboretum & Gardens.  This is his last year for such fun outings, as in middle school and high school, there are no more field trips.

Kenny went out with his buddies to the annual Bad Pants golf outing this past Monday.  This year he found a great pair at Goodwill when he was in Indy with Delaney.

It's a bit hard to tell, but the print is a moose with a keg.  Yes, why anyone would even have that print, is beyond me.  The finalists this year had gaudy floral prints, so maybe next year he'll need to try to find something even wilder.

This Memorial Day weekend, believe it or not, there are no plans to go anywhere.  I'm hoping that we can get some much needed house projects done, as well as, maybe just have some fun and enjoy some time with the kiddos.

Ken, Dani, Dee & Kyle