Wednesday, September 4, 2013

School, Soccer & More!

We are full into the school, homework, soccer practices, soccer games and all the other many events that come into play.  It has been hectic, but we seem to have gotten into our groove a bit and things seem to be going okay.  (* knock on wood *)  We even found time to see World War Z at the local theater on Saturday, August 17th.  (It was absolutely nothing like the book, except that yes, they both were about a zombie apocalypse.) It was an intense but very good movie!

Before school even started, Delaney had her very first high school soccer games.  On Tuesday, August 20th they had a home game vs. Lake Central; they won 6-2.  Then on Wednesday, August 21st they had another home game vs. Highland; they won 3-2.  Delaney scored her very first high school varsity goal; then she scored again for two.  She even got interviewed a bit, check out the article.  (However, given the opportunity, she failed to give credit to her father's soccer knowledge that he passed down to her!)  How exciting!  In honor of her first game, we created this for her:

Look how little she was when she played her first game, about four years old!

Then unfortunately for the kids, school officially started on Thursday, August 22nd.  Delaney is in ninth grade (a high schooler somehow), while Kyle is in fifth grade (his last year at the elementary).  Yikes!  It is so hard to believe that they are as old as they are (and apparently how old we are!).  Here are their first day of school pictures:


While they were sad about starting school, I professed to being sad about it as well just to be there for them:

Then Delaney and I got to go out a bit on Saturday, the 24th.  We had to do some last minute school shopping for the items she found out she needed after school started, as well as go see a movie ourselves!  We wanted to see City of Bones, since we had read and really enjoyed the series.  Pretty good!  It's been a while since we read it, and there is a Clockwork Prince series that goes along with it -- so it was a bit of a stretch to remember how the first book went.  But all in all, I think they did a pretty good job with it.

More soccer games!  On Tuesday, August 27th CP had an away game vs. Portage; they won 9-0.  Then another away game on Wednesday, August 28th vs. Lowell; they won 4-1.  Woo-hoo!  Their next game was on Saturday, August 31st vs. Culver Military; they tied 0-0.  Unfortunately the weather may have messed this game up a bit, they only played 50 minutes.  There was lightning and strong rain, and the refs decided to call the game.  Bummer! 

It is hard to believe, but Kenny and I celebrated our 18th anniversary on Monday, September 2nd.  Eighteen years, can you believe it?  We even got to sneak out and have a nice meal out sans kids.  Sweet!

Soccer doesn't rest for long, they had another home game on Tuesday, September 3rd vs. LaPorte; they won 9-0.  They even obviously stopped scoring after a while, doing a great job of just controlling the ball until the game was over.  So far Delaney has 3 goals and 3 assists, and she even got to start a few times.  Exciting!

Coming up for soccer, she has another home game next Tuesday, September 10th vs Chesterton.  It may be a tough game, as Chesterton is currently ranked #1.  Then they have a couple of away games in Indianapolis on Saturday, September 14th.  As her coach always says:

They are off to a great start!

Ken, Dani, Dee & Kyle