Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Fun Times at Another Dierks Bentley Concert!!!

Kenny got tickets for all of us to go the Locked and Loaded tour with Miranda Lambert and Dierks Bentley this past Friday night (August 9th).

I am always happy to go see Dierks in concert, and I had asked specifically if we could go this year and see Miranda too, so I was thrilled.  Delaney was definitely excited, but Kyle... not so much.  He didn't really know if he wanted to go to a concert.  ???  Delaney and I thought he was a bit nuts, but if he really didn't want to go - that's fine.  He ended up spending the night with his grandparents, and Delaney got to invite a friend to go with.

The concert was down in Noblesville at the Klipsch Music Center (used to be called Deer Creek Music Center).  Kenny wanted to leave as early as we could, but Dee had soccer practice.  We still got there in plenty of time to wait in line to get good spots.  We had four pit tickets, so it was basically first-come, first-serve.  After we arrived, we basically just got in line outside the gates waiting to get it.  Here is Delaney and Faoilean laying on the blanket waiting:

I think they were keeping themselves entertained by chatting with all their friends on social media.  :-)  Kenny was chatting it up with our fellow line members and finding out the best way to get good spots.  We had a plan of attack before the gates opened.  As one unable to run, I was designated to stay and get the bags searched.  And since it was only one bag per person, Delaney stayed as well.  Kenny and Fai were assigned the harder task, they were running to the pit area to get good seats.  And according to Fai, they were definitely RUNNING.  Kenny said he was chastised for running from an employee.  :-)  But they got an awesome spot right in front of the stage!!!  Here's a picture of the back of the girls' heads by the front of the stage:

Sweet, huh?  First, a Gwen Sebastian opened up (never got a good picture of her).  I had never heard of her, but she had a nice voice.  Then Brett Eldredge was next; all the ladies by us were swooning at him.  He definitely made us new Brett Eldredge fans!  He has an awesome voice, and he closed with his "Don't Ya" song which we all knew.

Next up, Dierks!  Delaney and I were anxiously awaiting.  Ken, Delaney and I were all appropriately enough, wearing our Dierks shirts!

Finally, it was time!!!  Dierks Bentley!  Check out the back of Dee's and Fai's heads.  :-)

We all even got to touch Dierks.  HA!!!!  (* sigh *)

Dierks is always awesome to watch in concert.  He never stops, has so much energy and runs around the stage and has so much fun with the audience.  Seemed like before you knew it, it was time for Miranda!

She sang a lot of our favorite songs, and this was the first time any of us had ever seen her in concert.  Dee and Fai each got Miranda t-shirts.  :-)  Apparently this was Fai's very first concert ever, so she was thankful that Kyle decided not to attend!!!

Everyone came back out to the stage for the closing song, and they sang Roger Miller's "King of the Road" together.  It was great!

A fun-filled, super night!  Kenny had originally gotten us a hotel room to crash afterwards, but we had to cancel as Delaney had soccer practice the following Saturday morning.  It made for a very late night, but what can you do?!?  We offered to find another couple to go with, but Delaney wouldn't hear of it.  HA!