Saturday, September 17, 2011

Delaney's Three Lion's soccer season is officially underway!

They've had some tough pre-season games at tournaments, so they know they've got some work still to do... but they've done pretty well playing at such a high level. This past weekend they played their first two league games, against two of the top teams in the league. Nothing like getting the difficult ones out of the way first, right?

We were down in Indianapolis, and they first played FC Pride -- a really tough game!

They played hard the entire game, but they still lost 0-5. Since we had one more game to play later in the afternoon, the team headed out for lunch at Jason's Deli. Mmmmmmmmm! Delicious!

We had some time before the second game and did a little shopping while we were in Indianapolis. (I had a great time, not so sure how excited everyone else was about that! HA!) Then it was time to head back to the fields to play the second game of the day.

They were playing a team all the way from Evansville! YIKES! What a hike for them!

They didn't let their loss earlier in the day mess with them. They played another challenging game and tied 2-2! Delaney got one of the goals, and I think the girls were quite content with the tie. :-) Delaney was also very excited to be one of the team captains this year, along with Bridget!

Their next league game is on Saturday the 24th, a home game! Woo-hoo! It will be nice to not have to travel this time around. If we're lucky, the weather looks like it may even be a bit warmer than it has been. I'm all for that!


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Not ready for summer to be over!

Everyone wore long pants today!!! I am so sad! I am not ready for summer to be coming to an end and those brisk autumn days (which lead to frigid winter days). Dee and I are having too much fun painting our toenails with fun designs and wearing our sandals.

(* sigh *)