Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Soccer, Holidays, and More!

How can so much time go between posts so easily? I guess there is always something going on, right? Well, going back to where we finished last time, the Fall Sports Awards were coming up. Hard to believe that this is Delaney's Senior year. She's come a long way from her freshmen year, earning the Rookie of the Year:

We are so proud of Delaney’s accomplishments during her Senior Year! The best part was to see the team re-capture the DAC and win Sectionals; next year, they can “Defend the Crown!” Delaney was selected to the DAC All-Conference 1st Team and was named the MVP of the Conference! She was named to the All-District 1st Team and played in the Junior/Senior Showcase in Indy. She was also recognized by both newspapers as the Post-Tribune All-Area 1st Team and the NWI Times All-Area 2nd Team. She was named as an ISCA All-Academic player. Finally, she was selected as the Team MVP and received the Team Captain Award (along with Sam!).

The team, parents and coaches helped the Lady Bulldogs have a great four years. Delaney loved playing with her fellow seniors; it was an amazing experience and she is so happy to have shared it with them. They’ll forever be Lady Bulldogs!

Since Delaney was selected to the All-District Team, she was invited to participate in the Junior/Senior Showcase Showcase.  And it was COLD!

The showcase included three games and Delaney had a couple goals and assists in them.  The best part about the weekend was the warm banquet at the end!  It was a wonderful celebration of soccer. Delaney had a great way to finish up her high school soccer career - she was selected as All-State, Honorable Mention!

We will be trading in our RED for GREEN next year as she will be attending the University of Wisconsin-Parkside in Kenosha! We are looking forward to following the next chapter in her playing career!

Kenny had a holiday get-together with his buddies where they had to dress up as a character from a holiday movie. It took some convincing from us, but we finally persuaded him to go as Bad Santa. Since we hadn't seen the movie before, we had to do some research on his character so he could pull it off -- but it was a hit! He wore his dad's old Santa costume, and the wear and tear on it just helped pull the character together. Add in some alcohol, poor behavior and bad language... and he ended up winning the contest!!!

Unfortunately, everyone in the family got sick at one point or another. Kyle had a slight cold with a cough, but he didn't end up missing any school. He got it the easiest. I got what seemed like a never-ending cold that kept going away and coming back. After I got tired of the yo-yo'ing, I finally saw my doctor and he gave me some great meds. He thought I may have been starting to develop pneumonia, so probably a good thing that I finally went in. Kenny waited too long to get in to see a doctor, and he DID develop pneumonia. He got some great meds too, and he finally started feeling better. And saving the worst for last, Delaney got nailed. She had a horrible flu that just wouldn't stop. She had a fever, felt horrid, cough, sore throat... was just miserable. She ended up missing two weeks of school before break, and she was so behind in her schoolwork. It was definitely not a good time for her; she's NEVER missed that much school before (and doesn't want to ever again).

Then it was time for the holiday madness to begin. We decided to showcase our fur babies in our holiday card this year (Kenny had no say in the design process). The kitties were less than fond of their elf and Santa hats, complete with ties and bow-ties -- but it was all worth it.

Kenny was lucky enough to snag two premiere tickets to the new Star Wars Show, Rogue One at the IMax theater. So he and Kyle got to see the movie the night it came out, and they loved it! Delaney and Phoenix saw it shortly thereafter, and it took some time to figure out when I could finally see it. But we finally find a moment and ended up going to the IMax to see it with my dad and Delaney. It got rave reviews from everyone!!!

And since Delaney's 18th birthday was coming up, Sam took her to Chicago for the day to celebrate. They had a great time. They went sightseeing, had some yummy food, and even got to figure their way out from an escape room in The Great Escape Game. They escaped the Gold Rush room in time to win and achieved stickers; they want to go back and do another one (they highly recommend going there).

Then it was time for New Year's Eve! It always seems impossible for the year to be over. We had our traditional Benich Game Night. We play as many games as we can, as late (or early) as we can. The cats had fun hanging out with us too; we moved their kitty condo close to where we were playing. We ended up staying up until 5:15am in the morning. We played a total of 19 games, with the lead switching back and forth a few times. And drum roll... for the first time ever, Delaney pulled off the win!

It is hard to believe, but Delaney turned 18 this year!!! Aaaaaaah! We had fun looking through a bunch of old pictures from when she was little too:

For her actual birthday, we opened gifts up here at home. Kyle had fun giving her a bag of 18 gifts, all of which were individually wrapped. It took a while to get through all of those. Then we had a yummy meal at The Lighthouse with all the grandparents. Delaney later celebrated with Phoenix; he took her to Tequila Restaurante.

Turnabout was really early this year, so it seemed like things were just rushing into one another. Which meant we were scrambling to get her dress shortened and some straps added in time. But we finally finished everything, and they had a great evening together. (This was their 6th dance together!!!)

Delaney and her friends had an ice-skating outing planned to celebrate Sam's birthday. They went out to Valparaiso and had a great time. They also stopped at a cupcake place in Valpo nearby, and enjoyed huge and delicious cupcakes after their ice-skating.

Ironically, the day before on January 12th (a half day of school), an incident occurred. On that fateful day, Kyle was happily slipping around on the ice with his friends on the way home when he fell the wrong way. He really hurt himself, and a neighbor saw he was hurting and was kind enough to take him home. We were hoping that it would just be a small injury and resolve itself with some rest... but no luck. We took him to the pediatrician, who thought it was just a sprain and recommended crutches and rest. The crutches were problematic for Kyle, especially with school, and he probably didn't use them enough. His pain wasn't going away, so we finally went back to the doctor. She recommended we see an orthopedic doctor, where he received an x-ray and discovered he had a slight fracture, close to his growth plate. So... he now has a cast.

He'll need to wear it for a few weeks, then get x-ray'ed again. Hopefully it will be healed by then, and it can be removed. Until then, after a few more days at school with crutches... Kenny was able to find him a scooter. He loves it; he gets along so much better at school with it. With luck, it will make the remaining weeks go by a lot smoother for him.

Although things aren't as bad compared to Kyle's injury; we've had a tough couple months. We had to get a tree service to take down our dead tree in the backyard before it fell on the neighbor's pool, our TV receiver stopped working (it's hard to play Lego Dimensions with no sound!), the microwave bit the dust, the dryer stopped drying, and we signed the paperwork for Kyle to get braces.  To add insult to injury, we found out that St. Joseph's College -- and the computer lab where we met, of course -- is closing down!

Let's hope the worst of the year is behind us and the rest of 2017 is awesome!

Ken, Danielle, Delaney & Kyle


Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Lady Bulldog Soccer, Senior Night, and More!

Delaney's senior soccer year schedule is now over. She is definitely a little melancholy about it. The last post was up to the away LaPorte game. Crown Point won this game 4-1; Delaney got a goal and an assist. Then they had a Saturday away game at Culver Military, which ended at a tie 1-1; Dee scored. Their next game was again away at Chesterton; a tough game, 0-1. Ending their away game streak, they had two games in Indianapolis against Hamilton Southeaster and Brebeuf. Both were a 0-2 loss, which is an improvement over previous losses against these teams! Finally a home game again vs. Valparaiso, this one was quite a nail biter. The score was 0-1 the majority of the game, with a 1-1 tie with only a few minutes left in the game. The game then went into overtime, then onto penalty kicks - which gave us a win! Another home game was next vs. Andrean, a 3-2 win with Dee having 2 goals and an assist. One more home game vs. Merrillville, a 5-0 win. Next was an away game with KV, a 1-3 loss; Dee scored.  Then they had their rescheduled game with St. Joseph, a 1-0 win -- a CP first win against that team. Then, believe it or not, it was time for Delaney's senior night; a 9-0 win, started off with a goal by Dee.




That was their last home game; Dee was a bit emotional about it. Next they had an away game with Munster, a 0-2 loss. Then on to Sectionals! Game 1 was vs. Merrillville, a 9-1 win.  Sectional Final was vs. KV, a 2-0 win!



Regional Game 1 was vs. Highland. It was a rainy, miserable start but they came out strong with a 2-0 lead at halftime. Dee got a goal and an assist. Unfortunately, it was answered very quickly in the second half, tying the game at 2-2; which went into OT, then PK's for a loss. Penalty kicks are a harsh way to lose. The Lady Bulldogs had a great season: undefeated at home, DAC Champions (a 3-way tie with Chesterton & Valpo), and Sectional Winners! It's always a great day to be a Lady Bulldog!!!

During Delaney's high school soccer season, a couple of exciting things happened. One, we got a new kitty: Thor! Loki was initially not overly fond of his new little brother, but they have come to somewhat of a tolerate understanding at this point. He is super friendly, loves to purr, and gets into everything. But he is soooo cute, he can pretty much get away with anything.


Also, Delaney went to her Senior Homecoming with Phoenix. Her Aunt Danah helped her put her hair up; it looked gorgeous. I think they had a great time.



Our nephews, Parker and Connor, are phenoms in Cross Country, and they had a great season. They qualified to run at Semi-State. And our niece's volleyball team won their 6th Grade Championship. Way to go, everyone!


Then on October 29th, we celebrated a family wedding: Kenny's godson Jason married Brooke.

For Halloween, our nephew Michael dressed up as the Millionaire Man from Monopoly. Love it!

And just because the Crown Point high school soccer season is over, it doesn't mean that soccer is -- heavens no! Delaney is already playing with her travel team Three Lions United. They've had 3 games so far.  They've played Michigan Rush, a 0-2 loss (with no subs, so a rough game). Then they won against Sporting QC 2-0, with a loss against Indy Prem 0-1.

Ken, Dani, Dee & Kyle


Monday, August 29, 2016

School is Back in Session!

This is pretty much how both kids felt; the summer just goes by so fast. I can't say that the rest of us were that excited either -- schedules amp up, homework starts back up, and the kids and I have to start remembering what day it is again. We thoroughly enjoyed sleeping in late occasionally, having free time to read and craft and play video games, and just having time to relax. We also read some great books; one of our favorite new authors is Brandon Sanderson. We just can't get enough of his books, thankfully he is a very prolific author. We still keep track of all our books on Goodreads, if you'd like to follow us.

It is so lovely that Delaney can drive herself -- especially to all her early morning CP soccer practices. Practice started basically right after school, and then moved up to practices Mon. - Sat. and two-a-days! Kyle had a pretty laid back summer, but he did help out at the CP library with their Summer Reading Program once a week. He was thrilled to discover that the library is a PokeStop. Both kids have really been enjoying catching Pokemon all summer; they even went out on walks together to catch more -- surreal!  The library also started a Pokemon Club that Kyle was enjoying attending with a couple of his friends; they changed the meeting dates to the weekends to accommodate school.

We celebrated July 4th at Danah's. Even though it was unseasonably cold, everyone still had fun. Definitely no swimming in the pool (but most of the teenagers took advantage of the hot tub), but we played ladder golf, bean bag toss, and Kenny even set the kids up to play Mario Kart outside.  They had the screen filling the side of the barn; it was quite impressive.

Delaney and Kenny had been doing a lot to get ready for their England trip, and it was finally time for take off. So begins their 8 hour flight...

They had a wonderful time. They visited many historical sites, exploring London and Manchester, and of course... playing soccer!

She kept a blog of their entire trip; if you'd like to see more pictures and see their daily activities -- make sure to check it out: DreamSoccerTrip.

While Delaney and Kenny were across the pond, the new Star Trek movie came out! Kyle and I decided we did NOT want to wait for them, and we saw it on the first night available -- Thursday evening, July 21st. We loved it!  Delaney finally got to see it right before school started; she talked Phoenix into going with her.

This August 7th, Kenny's dad had a milestone birthday this year -- 70! He's been doing great -- trying to eat healthy and has lost a lot of weight too. He's been participating in a Times weight-loss contest (down over 40 pounds!), and Kathe has been eating well right along with him and losing weight too. Awesome!

The weekend before school started, we got to go to a great concert! We won some tickets to see Dierks Bentley (my favorite) in Noblesville at the Klipsch Music Center (originally Deer Creek Music Center).  Kyle had a sleepover with a friend, so he didn't go with us. Delaney wasn't upset; she was able to have Phoenix go with us. We all donned our Dierks' shirts and away we went.

Cam opened up; Delaney really loves one of her songs, Burning House, so she was very excited to see her.  Then Randy Houser was next; he has such a powerful voice.  We knew more of his songs than we realized; he also sang one of his signature songs, Like a Cowboy.  Next, of course, the headliner... Dierks Bentley!  He sang plenty of his hits and quite a few from his new album Black: What the Hell Did I Say, Somewhere on a Beach, Different for Girls, Freedom and Black.  As Rusty McAllister in The Incredibles says:

Then the day the kids were dreading came: Thursday, August 18th. This is Kyle's last year in middle school, and Delaney's last year in high school. So hard to believe!!! Kyle literally won't stop growing; he is now taller than everyone in the family (Delaney peaked at 5'2" just for perspective).  And it seems like about every 6 months he needs a new pair of shoes, currently he is in size 12!

I found these pictures of when Dee was in kindergarten; it is so hard to believe they were that little!

Before school even started actually, Delaney had her first soccer game with her second game after the first day of school.  Her soccer senior year!  They've had four games so far, 3 wins and 1 tie.

Their first game was a 1-0 win; great for their season opener. Delaney had the assist. Their next game was a frustrating 0-0 tie. The third game was a final score of 9-0, with Delaney getting a powerful shot off for one goal that my dad counted as his birthday goal (since he came on his birthday to watch her game). Their last game was a close one, going back and forth, finishing with CP winning 3-2. Delaney had a goal and two assists -- what an exciting game! Their 5th game on Saturday was rained out, with their upcoming game away at LaPorte.

Check out some highlights in this VIDEO !

This past weekend, the guys took a weekend off before the weather turns and enjoyed some beach time up in Michigan.

Delaney and I had more of a girls weekend, enjoying the unusually quiet house (no video games) and giving ourselves pedicures!!!

Ken, Dani, Dee & Kyle