Monday, November 14, 2011

The End of Soccer Season, Halloween and Much More!

Delaney had a few games to finish out the soccer season. The weather was pretty cooperative, even kind of nice at times, especially for the end of the fall season. I'm definitely NOT complaining, it so could have been worse!

Delaney loves playing soccer, but she's ready for a little break and just concentrate on winter training coming up in January after the holidays. Delaney finished the season leading the team in goals and assists. The team grew a lot this year after their first season playing on a larger field 11v11. We're looking forward to the spring season (not only just because of the warm weather).

And next thing you know, it was time for Halloween!!! Kenny and the kids got all dressed up and ready to get some candy. :-)

This year Kyle decided on a ninja costume. He isn't allowed to have a "weapon" when dressing up for the school's Halloween party, so he was very excited to have his special ninja sword while trick-or-treating.

Delaney was a stick figure this year. She had on a black morph suit underneath, covering her from head to toe basically in black. :-)

And Kenny, well, he dressed up too. A punk rocker with blue hair and a glowing mohawk in desperate need of a shave? :-)

Kenny and the kids walked all around our neighborhood trick-or-treating. They came home with a lot of loot, and then found out a friend hardly had any trick-or-treaters and was wanting to unload a bunch of goodies. So off they went trick-or-treating at the Rhee's and came home with a crazy amount of candy for the night.

Kyle and Delaney were ecstatic as they were going through all their loot at the end of the evening -- too much sugar that night for sure!

Then this past Sunday morning, Kenny and I woke up to our very own Breakfast Cafe presented by Delaney and Kyle! :-)

We each had our very own menu; Delaney and Kyle each wrote one. This is the one Kyle wrote that Ken had:

We had a yummy breakfast of pancakes, sausage and eggs. More of a brunch really, as we were both very full not normally eating such a large breakfast. LOL We were very happy to pay our bill of lots of hugs!

Ken, Dani, Dee and Kyle