Thursday, May 17, 2012

End-of-School Year Craziness!!!

After today, we are now down to only 9 days of school left!!! There are times where I wonder if we're going to make it. :-) It has been so busy with all the end of the year projects, events, homework, and sports that there simply isn't enough time for everything that needs done. I am precariously close to this moment:

Since it wouldn't be all that productive, I am fighting it as hard as I can.  Nine more days... we can somehow get through nine more days, right?

Delaney's soccer team finally started their league games, after many early season tournaments and games.  They are playing in the top division in the state, playing some very good teams.  Their record is 0-4 so far, which is hard for the girls; however, a couple of them were extremely close.  We've played Zionsville, Evansville Premier, Fishers and FC Pride -- so there has been a lot of traveling down south too. 

Sometimes events overlap a bit too much.  Delaney had a track meet one Friday evening.  She didn't get home until late, only to have to get up early the next morning and head down to Indianapolis for not one, but two soccer games -- and, she had a bad cold too.  It was a pretty rough weekend for her.

Here's Dee getting some pointers from coach before heading back into the game.  :-)

I liked this sequence, had to put them together.  Nice move, Dee!

The weather has been so extreme this spring too.  It seems as if we're either freezing or sweltering at games.  This picture was taken at their first blazing hot, full sun game; Delaney was miserable.  She said she felt like throwing up most of the game, simply due to the heat.  UGH!

Delaney's first year of track is now officially over.  She had a great year and really enjoyed it.  She was even selected to participate in the Track Conference, and she definitely will want to participate again next year. Thanks to both her coaches -- soccer and track -- who were willing to be a bit flexible and allow her to participate in both sports.  :-)

Kenny had his own little sports outing too, a Bad Pants Golf Outing.  It was raising money for diabetes.  He met a couple of his buddies, Terry and Shawn.  They were playing on the MicroIntegration team and simply wore some awful pants enjoying the beautiful weather out golfing for a good cause.  They even placed third!

Scary, isn't it?

Delaney's school had their Awards Ceremony just last night.  She works hard to keep her grades up, and this year she's had a few classes here and there that were quite a struggle.  We're so proud of her for achieving an award for the honor roll placement all year.  She also received an award for Perfect Attendance as well as an award for Outstanding Achievement - Exploring Music.  While she was excited about all the wonderful recognition she received, I think she was most honored to be presented with the reading award.

We all know how much she loves to read, and this year she wanted to try for the reading award.  She received the Jon Millstead Award, reading 106 books and earning over 1400 AR points.  Way to go, Dee!  Her name will go on the plaque for the 2011-2012 year, which is displayed in the library.  There are just enough spots left for Kyle to try to get his name on the same plaque when he hits sixth grade.  So once again, Delaney throws down the gauntlet.  That's okay though, because Kyle readily beat her grade school challenge -- beating her Solon Record while he's only in the third grade!  

The Jon Millstead Award for Reading Achievement was started in honor of a Taft student who loved to read and died of a brain tumor in November 1993 at the age of 15.  He loved to read as many books as possible, and his parents have been at Taft since 1994 to present the award.  When Kenny talked with Mr. Millstead last night, he mentioned that he was impressed with the fact that Delaney not only read 106 books... but a lot of BIG books as well.

Nine more days, seriously, we can make it through just nine more days of school, right?  (* sigh *)  The next couple of weeks are going to be crazy.

Ken, Dani, Dee & Kyle