Sunday, April 7, 2019

About Time for a New Post!

I always have really good intentions to keep posting more often, but next thing I know... it has been half a year. Ha Ha! What can you do???

Last post, Kyle just got his braces off in mid-September. So, starting from there... Delaney had her fall season of soccer at Parkside. It was a good season -- starting with their trip to Boston for pre-season and ending with a trip to the conference tournament. Delaney got some great playing time and scored six goals, 2nd on the team. The highlight goal was at Purdue Northwest with a bunch of family in attendance! Now it's time to roll into Spring Season with a few games before heading home for the summer.





For Halloween this year, both kids actually needed to dress up! Kyle was helping out with a Halloween Key Club event, and Delaney was going to a costume party. Here was their thought processes:

1) Kyle: I don't really care, just make it simple and find one for me.

2) Delaney: I can't find one I like, check out a myriad of make-it-yourself costumes before finally deciding on one.

So, Kyle was an Identity Thief. He wrote names on "Hello" stickers and put them all over his shirt. Ta-dah! Costume finished.

Delaney decided on Audrey Hepburn and borrowed from me a dress, jewelry, sunglasses, shoes and put her hair up. (And sadly, no one knew who Audrey Hepburn was...)

 But she did seem to like her Halloween care package. :-)

Kyle learned to make homemade pies for Thanksgiving. He did a pretty good job; they certainly tasted yummy!

Then it was time for Delaney's finals; definitely time for another care package.


Next thing you know, it was time for Christmas Break! We went to see an early showing of Aquaman. It was a lot of fun, everyone really enjoyed it (except Kyle, who was lame and decided to stay home).

When we decorate the house for the holidays, we have kept a lot of the kids' grade school artwork and put them up around the house. I went through and took pictures of all of them -- so cute!

While Delaney was home for break, Kyle still had to get through some school. He also had to go to a Regional BPA contest. He was more than ready for Christmas break to start for him as well.

And, of course, there was all the Christmas gifts to make before the celebrations. It is always such a relief to finally having everything done and ready to go! Here are just a few that were made:

Then we had Christmas celebrations with friends and family! There was a lot of eating too much, exchanging presents, and just enjoying visiting with everyone.



And I also had to share the AWESOME wrapping paper my parents found! Meowy Christmas!

When all the festivities were over, it was time to just relax and enjoy the remainder of the break. This included a lot of sleeping in, video games, and being as lazy as possible. Well, that is for Kyle and me... poor Delaney and Kenny had to work sometimes. :-(

Long after Kyle was done with Lego Worlds, I kept plugging away to get that one last achievement: Billionaire. And... I finally got it! We also played a lot of Overcooked 2, which is a lot of fun -- until the kids start getting snippy with each other. Then it is time for a break! There was also some Celeste, Abzu, and who knows what else.


And we also did the most difficult puzzle we have ever done before, that we gave away because we were NEVER doing it again. It was hard not having the straight edges, but even harder than that... was the fact that some of the pieces seemed to fit in more than one place. So, there was a lot of rearranging and frustration... but we FINALLY finished it!

Believe it or not, it was time for New Year's Eve! The girls got off to a rocky start, with the guys starting off with a winning streak.

But Delaney decided that was enough, and she got a win! And I finally got one, too.


And Delaney finally got into her groove and was unbeatable. It was also the wee hours of the morning, and we were all tired! We called it; Delaney was the champion (and, as you can see... it was not my finest time at game night).


Then a few days later somehow, someway... we are now the parents of a 20 year old! That just doesn't seem possible, does it?

For Valentine's Day, Thor was eager to help me get Dee's next care package ready. (She wondered how all that cat hair got in her room!)


Kenny and I were able to get away for a weekend. We went to a Dierks Bentley concert, and we also got to go see Captain Marvel! Thor and Loki are now Goose fans!!! Then, we met up with Delaney, Nate and a couple of her friends who were hanging out at the Galloping Ghost all day for lunch before heading home.


And... Spring Break went by way too fast. :-(

Luv, Ken, Dani, Dee & Kyle