Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Yikes, guess I failed on the more timely posts thing.  My only excuse is summertime!  We've been loving the warm weather, no homework and fly-by-the-seat of your pants scheduling -- basically loving our lazy summer days.  So not ready to think about school:

Delaney always had to add soccer events messing up our summertime with her never-ending soccer. :-)  She's been attending several soccer college camps throughout the summer, as well as her Crown Point High School team practices throughout the summertime.  They just switched to Monday-Saturday practices this week, so the intensity just went up a notch too.  One bonus is Delaney got her license!  She's been driving herself to and from those early morning practices.  Can't beat that!!!

Going back a bit, Kyle FINALLY got to celebrate his 12th birthday with a video game party sleepover with some buddies.  We had to put off celebrating to the beginning of May, due to scheduling issues.  He had a blast!

Kyle also did very well finishing up his sixth grade year.  He was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society.

And he also was recognized at Taft's Awards night.  He followed in his sister's footsteps and won the Jon Millstead Award for Reading Achievement.  He got the last place on the plaque, just below Delaney's name!  Great job, Kyle!

While it seemed it would never get here, school finally came to a close.  Delaney successfully made it through her sophomore year while Kyle survived his first year of middle school.

It seems like they are growing up so fast!  And speaking of growing, at their last well-check visit -- Kyle has grown taller than his older sister.  He was officially measured an inch taller; she is none too pleased.

On June 1st, we celebrated the 5th worldwide LAM Awareness day.   Back on February 13, 2012, I started taking a medication from the first-ever LAM trial.  That medicine has dramatically slowed my decline in lung function.  Without it, I'm sure that my lung capacity would have just been steadily decreasing these last few years.  It has brought hope to our family!  I can't even begin to thank everyone for participating and contributing to the LAM Foundation making such medications and new treatments available!

This summer, in between all her soccer events, Delaney found the time to keep up her weight lifting, take the SAT, take a few photography classes, and even have her wisdom teeth removed.  She's definitely stretching the definition of our lazy summer days.

While Kyle has been a bit more laid-back with his scheduling, focusing on playing video games online with his buddies, reading and playing his guitar.  Both he and I have been thoroughly enjoying our time to read, many times we have easily gone through a book a day!

Kenny also won two tickets to the first-ever Windy City LakeShake: Chicago's 3-Day Country Music Festival on June 19th-21st.  He not only won tickets, but he won Grandstand seated tickets.  We reveled in some fabulous country music and kids' free time.  It was fantastic!  :-)



Delaney and Ken were able to make it to a Chicago Fire game, which they enjoyed immensely even though the Fire lost.

Then somehow it was July 4th!  We invited Papa and Dinah Grandma over for food and games, and we had a great time.  And Kenny and the kids went to the fairgrounds to enjoy fireworks:

 Kenny got this great video of the finale:

And I think we're pretty much caught up!  Here's to immersing ourselves into what is left of our summer!!!

Ken, Dani, Dee & Kyle