Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Snow, snow and more snow!!!

Seriously, I am so sick of winter, snow and cold!  I am definitely snow depressed.  UGH!  Except for taking kids to/from school and activities and helping out at the elementary's library every week, I've hardly been out of the house.  I so need it to get warm!!!

Kyle participated in the try-outs for Science Olympiad, and he has been practicing a few times a week after school getting ready for the big event.  Everyone got to try out all the different events, and now they have all been assigned to everyone.  Kyle will be participating in mystery powders and a cylinder race.  He's pretty excited about it.  He's also been on fire with his AR points, currently he has 1134 points as of March 5th.  He even has a few tests still to take right now, and it is unfortunate that it takes a while for the tests to be available because he's read a lot of new ones that the tests aren't ready for -- and he still has over 1000 points!  Great job, buddy!!!

Delaney's been participating in winter training with her Three Lions' soccer team.  They've been working on a lot of team skills, and she's already had a tournament with them.  On the weekend of February 8th and 9th, she and Kenny traveled to Fort Wayne for an indoor tournament.  The weather was horrid, and they had an awfully early game so Kyle and I decided to stay home.  They played really well, winning their first game and losing the other two.  The two losses were teams from other states in high divisions, so considering that they held their own very well.  Delaney even snuck in a couple of goals.  So far, they've had to cancel several outdoor scrimmages with other teams because the weather is simply not cooperating!!!  As their coach said, "One day spring is going to be here, and we will actually be able to play outside!"  It's just hard to believe it right now though.

We've had a couple birthdays to celebrate, both Kenny and I have February birthdays.  Kenny starts with a February first birthday.  Delaney made him a yummy chocolate cake with chocolate icing.

Then it was time for my birthday.  Birthdays aren't near as much fun when you are an adult.  ICK.  My parents took me out to lunch at Qdoba for my birthday (YUM), and Kenny and Delaney made me a cake.  This is a big deal, as I have really changed the way I eat.  I eliminated dairy, gluten and refined sugar from my diet.  So they had to use some really strange ingredients, but it turned out yummy!  It was a cinnamon crumb coffee cake, and it was delicious.  I haven't had any cake for literally months, so it was scrumptious!

For my birthday, I got the brand new Dierks' Bently album.  I had to wait one day, as the release date was 2/25/14.  Love it!!!  Just today, he announced it made the number 1 country album.  Nice!

Then Kenny and the kids had a fun afternoon excursion of Laser Tag.  They met up with some friends and had a blast.  Really, it is hard to go wrong with laser tag and the kiddos.  They love it!  Delaney was kicking some butt, I hear too.

And Loki had definitely made himself at home, he goes everywhere in the house now.  The other day, he even figured out how to get up to Kyle's loft bed.  He was so satisfied with himself.

He wants to see and check out absolutely everything.  He's also a very nocturnal cat, and even with us trying to keep him awake during the day, it does no good.  This little gif is perfect for describing Loki:

We've all learned that it is best to keep our bedroom doors closed at night, unless we want to be woke up at 3am in the morning with a kitty all ready to play!  He'll go crazy on the bed at night, when we're trying to settle down for the evening.  Here he is attacking his own tail:

And one morning we even woke up to a little crime scene.  Apparently, the red ball of fluff on the top of his little scratching toy had to die.  

During the day, when he isn't sleeping, he loves to "help" me.  Especially while I'm trying to get work done:

Even with all his crazy antics, we love the little furball!!!

Ken, Dani, Dee & Kyle