Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Kyle is seven years old!

Somehow our younger child just turned SEVEN! How in the world that happened, I have no idea. His actual birthday was Friday the 26th, so we let him open a gift that morning from Delaney. He got a new card game and a new Webkinz (a goat he named Billy Bob). We also made him a quick cake to celebrate that evening just us.

But, of course, we had to have a birthday party too! On Sunday, the entire family came over to celebrate Kyle's birthday. He found his birthday crown from school and wanted to wear it the entire party. :-)

His cousins were right there watching Kyle and helping him open his gifts.

Kyle received a ton of awesome soccer clothes:

And several DS games for his DSi (he was super excited about those):

And really, a lot of wonderful gifts from his family -- what a lucky little boy!

And for his birthday cake, his Aunt Danah made him an AWESOME birthday cake -- complete with his requested Captain Rex and everything. (I wonder if we can convince Aunt Danah to make cakes all the time.... )

He quickly blew out all his candles as everyone was more than ready for some cake and ice cream! Mmmmmmmm!

Happy Birthday, Kyle! We love you!!!

Ken, Dani & Dee

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

And it begins again... Spring 2010 soccer!

Delaney's first games of the season, with the Three Lions team, was a Round Robin tournament in Indianapolis this past weekend.

We were hoping for some of that pretty warmer weather that we'd been enjoying here and there, but we weren't quite that lucky. It could have definitely been worse, so I guess we'll take what we could -- at least it hardly rained! LOL And in the afternoon, when the sun came out, one of the games actually got a little warm.

Delaney was very excited to play with the entire team again. She was working on getting a lot of goals -- I think she got at least one goal in each game of the weekend.

They won 3 of their 4 games, with a 1-2 loss on the losing game. On the games that they were way ahead, Delaney was switched around to defense.

She got several goals in some of the games!

She's been playing indoor through the winter, practicing and working out on the off days -- trying to get her endurance up. It's starting to pay off, as she was hustling really well this weekend.

We got some neat sequence shots of some goals (you can click on these and all the photos to see them larger):

And this one was some awesome teamwork with Kate (Stretch):

And here are Kyle and I all bundled up, watching the games. :-)

Here's hoping for some beautiful weather for the next game. More to come for sure!


Friday, March 5, 2010

Delaney's Science Fair Success!

Last night was Solon Robinson Elementary's Science Fair. Delaney was anxious to go and see the final results, as she knew her project was one selected to be judged. Her project was soccer-related (so surprising, I know), entitled "How Does Angle Affect Scoring a Goal?" She was a very fortunate girl that both her Dad and her Coach were able to help her gather data for the project. She worked really hard on putting together everything, including writing an accompanying report for the first time.

The first thing we did when we arrived at the Science Fair, was to go and find her board right away! She was ecstatic that she received a 1st place ribbon! Woo-hoo!

Way to go, Delaney! It was a lot of work, but it was worth it. :-)

Just as we finish up Science Fair with Delaney at Solon, Kyle will step into science fair projects next year. (* sigh *) As we looked through all the other projects, Kyle's favorites were the projects showing that playing video games increases your reaction time. Again, another shocker.