Monday, October 25, 2010

School Programs and, of course, Soccer!

As always, between school and soccer it seems like something is always going on! :-) Kyle just had his school program, "It's a Great Bug's Life." It was absolutely adorable. They sang songs like You're Nobuggy til Somebuggy Loves You, Dancing Queen, Together We Make Beautiful Music, etc. The kids' costumes were adorable. There were spiders, walking sticks, beetles, bumble bees, lightning bugs, stink bugs, worms, grasshoppers, butterflies and more.

Kyle was part of a centipede! He's the third one from the left - how cute is that?!?

He even had a small speaking part, so he got to go up and use the microphone too.

Everyone did a wonderful job, and while Kyle enjoyed it very much -- he wasn't upset to be done with practicing and go back to the regular school routine.

He had a great soccer season with his in-house Crown Point team this year, The Dome. While he likes trying for goals, like the one he snuck in here:

He seems to enjoy playing defense the best and even likes being goalie!

Unfortunately, he did catch a little something and got sick for a couple days and had to miss his last soccer game of the season. Bummer! But he's looking forward to winter training and starting his very first travel team in the Spring.

Delaney's soccer is still going strong. Her Three Lions team is doing really well so far, they just played their league tournament this past weekend. Their team placed 1st in the league, and 2nd in the tournament. Great job, ladies!

No soccer games on Halloween weekend, but they still have one more tournament to go for the season.


Monday, October 11, 2010

Bookmark signing at Borders!

This past Saturday, Delaney had a bookmark signing at Borders. She had a table outside of the children's department, complete with a sign showcasing her winning bookmark. The store would periodically announce her name and that she won the national bookmark contest and was there to sign the bookmarks. Delaney had also created a list of her "Top Picks" for reading, that was on display and handed out as well. How neat is that?

Both sets of grandparents were there, as well as many other family members to celebrate with her. Her cousins, Michael and Teresa, were one of the first to receive an autographed bookmark. :-)

Delaney was a little uncomfortable with all the attention, especially when people she didn't know stopped by. So she asked her Dad to sit with her until the signing was over, which while she loved the honor -- I think she was relieved when it was over.

Thanks to Borders for selecting her bookmark design initially allowing her the chance to win first place at the Library of Congress's Official Bookmark contest as well as for honoring her at the store and just making the overall experience a wonderful one!