Friday, June 3, 2016

School is Out! Hallelujah!

School is out, finally!  Sometimes it seems as if school will NEVER end.  Delaney is now officially a SENIOR in high school!  (* gasp *)  And Kyle is officially an eighth grader, his last year of middle school.  It is hard to believe that they are old enough to be in those grades.

As the school year winded down, Kyle was invited to Taft's Awards Night and received the John Millstead Award for Reading Achievement for the 7th grade.  This is his second year, maybe he can go for a three-peat in 8th grade?  :-) He still keeps track of all the books he reads on Goodreads, under Kyle Benich.  If you are on Goodreads too, add him as a friend.  In fact, Delaney and Danielle Benich are on there as well.  Join all of us!

He also was a member of the Hoosier Book Club, where he was 1 of only 2 students who read and did a project on all of the books.  Kyle ended up making a commercial for each of the Hoosier books, you can find the links on his Goodreads review for each book, or he has a YouTube channel for them set up.  He's going to do the same thing again for the upcoming Hoosier books for next year.

Delaney had a fun Six Flags trip through school with her Physics class.  Her boyfriend Phoenix was in the class too, so they had a nice day off of school.  The weather forecast was a bit stormy, but thankfully it held off most of the day -- they only had to leave a tad early when the rain/storm came into the area.

As far as her never-ending soccer schedule, Delaney's Three Lions season is over and she's going to be starting practices for Crown Point soccer for her senior year next week!  She'll also be attending some soccer camps throughout the summer.

And this past June 1st, was the 6th Worldwide LAM Awareness Day.  I was officially diagnosed in 2008 after many years of breathing issues and being misdiagnosed by a few doctors. The LAM Foundation says there are about 1,400 American women with LAM like me and an estimated 3,500 globally that have been diagnosed with LAM or Lymphangioleiomyomatosis, a progressive and deadly rare lung disease which affects women during the prime of their lives.

On June 1, women with LAM, scientists and clinicians around the world who are researching the disease, along with The LAM Foundation paid tribute to these efforts on Worldwide LAM Awareness Day.  Also, we'd like to thank our local doctors Dr. Dilling at Loyola and Dr. Devanathan in Hobart who are treating women with LAM and instilling a sense of hope every day, so we can find a cure together.


The kids and I are so looking forward to the summer break.  Not that our time will ever be completely unstructured, it will be nice to at least have some less structured time where we can at least get more rest and some more time to chill out.  Kenny is even on his summer schedule with work, where he works 10 hour days Monday through Thursday and gets Fridays off.  He's not looking at the 10 hour days with a lot of excitement, but he's looking forward to the 3 day weekends for the summer.  So, here's to summer!

Love, Dani, Ken & Kyle