Monday, April 26, 2010

And our hectic schedule continues...

We had another busy weekend here at the Benich household with birthday parties, homework, soccer games and anniversary celebrations! Whew!

We started out with not one, but two soccer games for Kyle Saturday morning. It was pretty much calling for rain all day, but we lucked out and somehow made it through both of Kyle's games without any rain. That was definitely nice.

It's such a different game watching the younger kids play, but they were playing very well. Kyle made several runs on goal.

And was having a blast on defense, kicking those balls back the other way!

If you look closely at this pic, he has SUCH a look of determination on his face. :-)

Coming in for another run...

Kyle had a great two games today!

Then, Kyle had a birthday party to attend later in the afternoon, while Delaney worked on her homework (two posters to finish up), and I got to work on some craft stuff (while giving advice on Dee's posters).

Then Sunday afternoon, Delaney had a soccer game. Unfortunately, we did NOT avoid the rain for this game. (* sigh *) It was cold, a bit windy, and QUITE wet. UGH!!!

I guess at this age, the game just simply starts to get a bit more physical. Everyone works really hard to get that ball!

If you look closely at this pic, you can see the rain in the background!

She pretty much looks drenched in this picture.

Look at the row of unbrellas in the background! That's pretty much what we all looked like too, watching their game. We are definitely ready for some warm, basking in the sun soccer games!!!

Then after Delaney's game, we all ran home, changed into dry clothes and met my family to celebrate my parents 40th Wedding Anniversary! Their anniversary was Sunday, April 25th. We had a nice dinner out at Tequila Si's then came back here for some cake. Mmmmm! Here's their wedding pic (Mom will probably kill me):

Then 10 months after this picture, I arrived into this world. (Which, if you read between the lines, lets you know what I can look forward to next year!)


Monday, April 19, 2010

Another busy weekend in the Benich Family...

Let's see, we had soccer games, a gathering, Little 500 at Saint Joe, never-ending homework, and my Mom's birthday to celebrate -- while Kenny had not one, BUT TWO poker games on Friday and Saturday. (He said I cursed him on Saturday's game since his cards weren't lucky, which I said served him right for playing two nights in a row. Hmmmph!)

Kyle and Delaney had overlapping soccer games this past Saturday morning. So Kenny and Kyle went to his game, and Delaney and I headed out to her game. Brrrrrrrr! Why can't we ever have that unseasonably warm weather for some of these early Spring soccer games? It was COLD! I had on my winter coat and gloves with a blanket -- and it was STILL chilly.

Delaney's team was playing very well Saturday! Everyone was hustling from the get-go, and the other team was fighting for the win until the very end -- but Three Lions came out on top with a final score of 3-2. Here are some pics from the game:

Dee getting a goal:

Dee making another run at goal:

It was a bit of a physical game, but Delaney didn't let them push her around:

Delaney hustling for the ball:

Delaney said she felt like all she was doing was running:

Kyle's game ended early enough, that Kenny and he were able to make most of Delaney's game. Then after Delaney's game, Kenny and the kiddos headed out to Saint Joseph's College to hang out at Little 500 for a while. (I chose to hang out at home SANS CHILDREN and get some crafty projects accomplished -- and, of course, some never-ending housework.) While I had a wonderful hard-to-come-by-day all to myself doing whatever I wanted, Kenny and the kids had a great day at Little 500. While it was still a bit chilly out, the sun was out and the day was beautiful!

Delaney and Kyle had fun enjoying all the kid activities. They went down slides (yep, that's Kyle, not sure how he ended up in that position):

Our brother-in-law Ed's cousin, James, raced at Little 500. They even met up with their cousins Teresa and Michael there! All of them caught the race:

And Delaney even went rock climbing for the first time ever:

Check out this video -- she really went up high:

Then Sunday, we celebrated my Mom's birthday. Danah made an awesome cake for her:

And we had a great time, eating too much yummy food and playing some cards: Bid Euchre (Kenny said that the guys let the gals win for my Mom's birthday -- I say, "Whatever! We won fair and square!") and Texas Hold'em. And just like that, the weekend is over before you know it! LOL


Monday, April 12, 2010

Dierks Bentley is the best!

Kenny surprised me with concert tickets to see Dierks Bentley in West Lafayette this past Saturday.

He puts on a GREAT show, and we had a wonderful time. It sure made for a long day, with a travel soccer game in Plymouth for Delaney (a ton of driving for poor Kenny); but it was worth it!

Notice we were "properly" attired, both wearing Dierks shirts!!! The kids had fun hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa, and apparently even got to go on a late night call to see a brand new filly with their Aunt Danah. What fun!


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Delaney has braces!!!

This is NOT an April's Fool's joke (although Kenny wishes it was due to the cost), Delaney actually got braces today. She is supposed to have them for two years, and she is doing very well right now. They said that she may be more sore tomorrow, so we'll see.

Here's her start on a long road to a better smile! :-)