Thursday, January 27, 2011

Busy, busy, busy!

All of the birthdays in our immediate family fall in the first quarter, so we always go right from all the Christmas celebrations straight into birthday celebrations! Whew! Delaney is first, with a January 4th birthday!

She had a big birthday party with some friends at the Dyer Indoor Soccer Arena. We had the smaller field for a couple of hours, and we had a lot of different games and activities for them to play. Kenny did a great job as the master of ceremonies for the event!

After playing all the games and the winners receiving their prizes, we had pizza and chips. Everyone was pretty active during the games, so the food was a welcome break. Then Delaney opened up all the wonderful gifts she received from all her fabulous friends.

Afterwards, we still had some time on the field. So they headed back out and played some soccer, they were playing hard! Then it was finally time for cake and Dilly Bars! Mmmmmm! We tried, for the first time, a "cupcake" cake pan. Delaney liked it, so I guess it was good to go.

Since we used a "cupcake" cake, Delaney and I made tiny "cupcakes" for everyone as a little thank you for coming to her party. They were made out of socks! We thought they turned out so cute.

Here is a close-up of one of them.

The things we do for our children! :-)

Then she had yet another celebration for her birthday with our family. Due to scheduling issues, we didn't end up holding it until much later in January. Since the celebration ended up right around her Great Grandma's birthday -- we had a double birthday celebration for the family! We made another "cupcake" cake and got a little more adventurous with this one.

Altogether, we were celebrating over 101 years in our family: Delaney her 12th birthday and Great Grandma Imogene her 89th birthday!!!

Next up in our family to celebrate their birthday is Kenny!

Also this month, both Delaney and Kyle received their latest report cards -- and we are happy to report they were all A's! Delaney was also on the Principal's Honor Roll for Taft Middle School (Straight A's). We are so proud of their hard work and accomplishments!

Ken & Dani