Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Yep! Somehow it is December, and our house is all decked out for the holidays. Can it really be the last month of 2010 already? While I dread the mess that is made when all the holiday stuff is pulled out of the garage, I must admit, once all the decorating is finished -- I do love how festive the house feels and our Christmas tree is simply beautiful.

Both kids are old enough now to be really helpful when decorating (no more surreptitiously moving ornaments so that there isn't a big glob of ornaments in one spot that Kyle could reach), and it was a lot of fun trimming the tree together.

We actually have FOUR Christmas trees! Delaney and Kyle each have a miniature one in their room, and we also have a soccer Christmas tree. I'm sure this isn't all that shocking to most of you, and yep -- it is in the soccer room. :-)

The soccer ornaments were taking over the family Christmas tree, so they had to get their very own tree. :-) It's a white Charlie Brown-ish fiber optic tree. It looks really pretty in person, but I'm having a hard time getting a nice photograph of it.

I'm trying to enjoy the holiday season and not get too pulled into all the holiday stress (and calories!).


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Final Soccer Tournament of the Year!

Hard to believe, but it was finally time for the last soccer tournament of the year! Delaney's team Three Lions went to Indianapolis for the Fusion Fall Festival. We weren't sure we were going to make it. Delaney had been out sick all week from school -- fighting a not-so-lovely virus with a high fever, headache, sore throat and breathing issues with absolutely no appetite. Basically, she was pretty miserable all week. After two visits to the doctor, including bloodwork drawn and a chest x-ray, she finally started to get her appetite back Thursday and her fever broke that evening. Whew! The doctor had said if she was fever free all day Friday and felt up to it -- she could still go to her soccer tournament. We waited until Saturday morning for the final decision, and she insisted she was ready to go -- so off to Indianapolis we went.

They had two games scheduled for Saturday. Their first game Saturday was a decisive win. I think it ended up being 6-1, and Delaney got two goals. She played really hard, and it was hard to believe that she was as sick as she was just a bit ago. We had all dressed in layers for really cold weather and with the sun out -- it actually ended up being pretty nice out!

Their second game was a shut-out with a 0-0 score. Both teams had several shots on goal, but neither could get the ball in the net!

Then we were off to the hotel to relax, let Delaney hang out with her team, and Kyle wanted to go swimming! Our next game was EARLY Sunday, at 6:45 am our time. We had to be AT the field at 6:00 our time. UGH! It was horrid in so many ways. :-) Not the least was the FROST on the ground at the field, check this out:

Is that just wrong or what? It was FRIGID! I literally couldn't feel my toes by the end of the game. The freezing weather didn't hurt their play, as they won this game 5-0 -- and Delaney got another goal.

Now they were in the final game, playing the team that they tied 0-0 for the championship. Thankfully it was later in the day when the sun melted the frost away and warmed things up a bit. Not sure what happened with this game, but they just got out played. It certainly wasn't their best play of the season, and they lost this game 1-5.

Their team ended up finishing second. In fact, all the Three Lions teams finished second. :-) Great job, everyone!

I think Delaney's energy just completely gave out later in the evening. Obviously, being sick all week and then playing four soccer games in two days probably wasn't the BEST thing to do -- but she would have been miserable to miss the tournament. She went to bed early and is taking it easy this week to ensure she doesn't relapse.

What a great fall season Delaney's team had. They finished first in their league and second in every tournament they entered. Can't wait to see their next season! Delaney also tied with Michelle for the most goals in the season -- way to go, girls! Winter training next...

Ken & Dani

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Fun!

I'd like to introduce you to our kiddos some visitors we had this Halloween. First, we had Kyle in his costume were honored meet the infamous Zorro! What a handsome, suave guy he was too -- love this guy!

He would hardly hold still for pictures, he was so excited to pose really knew his swordsmanship too -- amazing!

We also had Delaney in her costume a pirate stop by, and she was definitely strong-willed. She didn't need anyone to help her out -- she could handle it all herself! She kept her annoying brother away with her own pirate sword held off Zorro with her own amazing sword skills!!!

Once she proved herself, the two decided to join forces and scour the neighborhood for candy treasure! Watch out neighborhood, here we come!

They proved to be an unstoppable force. The candy they collected will last them forever treasure they found seemed never-ending!

They had to have their dad chaperone found one more cohort to lead their quest for treasure -- an escaped convict no less! His skills at keeping an eye on them at thievery were second-to-none.

Success! Can't wait until next year!!!