Monday, April 27, 2009

Yep, soccer again!

It's really hard to have a family blog without many of the posts concentrating on soccer! I posted after Delaney's first soccer game, and she's now up to her 4th game of the season while Kyle has had 2 games so far. To keep things "fair" between the kiddos, here's Kyle's first goal of the season shot too:

And he's been having a blast playing - he was so jealous of Delaney playing indoor. Next time somehow I guess both of them will be playing indoor!!! Aaaaaah!

His second game was a downpour! UGH! The spring soccer weather really leaves a lot to be desired at times. And it was so windy, that I just gave the camera to Kenny and tried to hold on to the umbrella!

You might be able to see the rain in the background. The kids were completely wet -- that is a drop of rain dropping off his nose if you can see it! LOL

And now moving on to Delaney's games, here is a picture from each games 2-4.
Game 2, making a move getting away from a defender (successfully, I might add!):

Game 3, running hard with the ball:

Game 4, kicking another goal in:

Crown Point Lady Bulldog Fusion is currently: 1-2-1.

That's pretty much it for now, as it seems as if we've been doing nothing but soccer lately! :-)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Nice weather + fire + family = great fun!

We were celebrating my mom's 60th birthday last night. It was a blast! The weather was just perfect. The kids cooked their own hot dogs and marshmallows. Mmmmmmm!

They had so much fun! Kyle and Parker seemed to be the main marshmallow cookers. LOL But everyone was able to eat some.

We're all having fun enjoying the fire and hanging out together.

And Aunt Danah is always multi-tasking -- we caught her texting while we're relaxing.

It was time to celebrate -- the cake came out and everyone sang Happy Birthday!

What a great evening! We all stayed up too late, and it was hard getting out of bed for Kyle's first soccer game of the season at 9:00 this morning. More pictures to come from THAT later...

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Delaney's First Outdoor Spring Game - BRRRRRR!

Rain and cold was the major theme of Delaney's first spring game this season. It pretty much rained the ENTIRE game, actually pouring at times. The girls looked so miserable! But rain or not, the game still went on!

Here is a shot of Delaney's very first goal of the season -- woo-hoo! That was the first goal of the game and helped get our team off to a wonderful start.

Can you see the rain in the photos?!? UGH!!!

Rain or not, it was a great start to the season -- 6-4 with Bulldog Fusion winning! Delaney ended up getting 3 goals. YEAH! We were all THRILLED to go home, get dry and get warm. Hopefully the weather will only get better from here!