Monday, December 9, 2013

It is December already!!!

Our last post started with Halloween pictures, and here it is now December!  The time flies by so fast!!!

On Saturday, November 23rd we had a 40th birthday celebration!  Kenny's younger sister, Kristen, hit a milestone birthday.  We had a great time, eating and playing games -- all the kids were hilarious when we were playing Apples to Apples as well as Guesstures.  Then we finished off the night with a round of Trivial Pursuit (just the adults), so everyone was paired off and the winner was: Babe and Kathe!

Delaney filmed some awesome shots with her phone while we were playing Guesstures (a bit surreptitiously), and Kenny made this awesome little video to share:

Then on Thanksgiving Day, Kenny first had his Annual Turkey Bowl (Delaney couldn't play this year, she's still resting her back).  They had five teams, and the winning team was... Kenny's!  Great job, guys!  Kenny's master plan was to run off some calories in order to make room for all the food he was going to eat later.  :-)

And on to some very exciting news, something that Delaney has wanted since she was a little girl... a new kitten!  That's right, we have a new member in the Benich family.  His name is Loki, and he's spoiled rotten. Delaney did a great job getting us pictures to share!









He loves finding little places to hide in, and we find him in the strangest places, for example INSIDE our couch.  :-)


But he's still just a little kitten, so for all his rambunctious behavior... he certainly sleeps a lot!  One of his favorite sleeping spots is on top of Delaney.



Then believe it or not, it was time to decorate for Christmas!  Kenny, as always, did the tedious job of putting the trees all together.  Then it was time to trim the trees.  Kyle and I decorated the main tree.  (Delaney said that I was keeping an eye on Loki in this picture.)


Kenny only puts on the important ornaments:


While Delaney was assigned the soccer tree this year:

And, of course, we had our new little helper:


Ta-dah!!!  Our beautiful Christmas trees:



Keeping with the Christmas spirit, Kyle has been learning some fun new Christmas songs on the guitar.  I've been trying to finalize our holiday shopping list and finish everything up, and both kids are counting down the days of school left until Christmas break (as of today, Monday the 9th -- 9 more days).

Kyle also got to spend the night at his cousins' house and go to a holiday party the next day.  Here is a picture of Michael and Kyle:

Ready or not, the holidays are definitely coming!

Ken, Dani, Dee & Kyle