Thursday, March 3, 2016

How is it March already?

Am I the only one who is just so over winter and snow?  UGH!

Somehow the last post we had was back at the end of November!  Geez!  Time just flies, doesn't it?  So much for making more timely posts.  Oh well!  HA!

Right after Thanksgiving we got all the Christmas stuff out and decorated.  Loki was super excited to see the tree again.  He made his own little perch inside where he could hang out.



Being the geeks that we are, we took advantage of the Star Wars mania with the movie release and made our Christmas card this year appropriately:

Then it seemed like all too soon the Christmas celebrations started up.  Kenny first had a get-together with some buddies at the Balmoral Race Track.  Nothing says Christmas like betting, right?

Our family had an early get-together with Danielle's side of the family the weekend before Christmas.  The kids started off opening a twofer gift: each family got a new X-Box One system.  We had them open at the same time, so everyone was surprised.

Then, of course, they had to get a whole bunch of accessories to go with as well.  They were very fortunate to have received all the wonderful gifts that they did -- even the clothes!  :-)

The annual holiday Christmas pictures were taken again.  Even Loki got in on the fun with the kids, wearing his brand new Christmas tie (much to his chagrin)!


There were several celebrations over Christmas weekend with Kenny's side of the family.  Christmas morning, we did our immediate family gifts.  The kids got a bunch of stuff they've been wanting, and Loki got a brand new water fountain that also grows some grass.  I think he was intrigued with the box initially.  HA!  And I got a pretty new pair of gold Converse.  Sweet!!!



Later that same day, Kenny's side of the family came over to celebrate.  There was too much food and lots of fun for all and even more annual holiday pictures.  Kyle also got to play Christmas songs for everyone on the guitar.  Yeah!



We had one more celebration with Kenny's family, with yet again more holiday pictures, then somehow Christmas was over.

We had a wonderful break from school during this time that unfortunately didn't last near as long as we needed, but it was definitely better than nothing. On to the New Year's celebrations!!! Unfortunately my reign as New Year's Eve champion was short-lived.  Kenny once again was the champion for the night, but for the first time... Kyle was in the running.  He only needed 1 more game for a tie, two for a win!  But it was something insane like 4am in the morning, and we were all too tired to continue.


Delaney turned 17 this year... soooo hard to believe!  School, practices and everything started back up on her birthday so we were remiss in getting a good photo of her with her cake.  (I don't remember, but I am guessing she wasn't all that thrilled about getting her picture after working hard at practice too.)  She spent the day before with Phoenix, so she shared this photo with us:

I had also received some hot rollers for Christmas but hadn't had anytime to play with them yet.  I finally got them out and messed around with them.  I snapped a quick picture the first time I tried them.  Does anyone remember Cynthia from Rugrats?

But I am getting used to them, and they do a great job curling my hair.  They are just what I wanted!

Delaney's soccer started back up right after the New Year: Three Lions United practices, soccer combines, college visits, and more.  We've also been to Ohio and Indianapolis for College Showcases.  The Cincinnati trip was great - 70 degrees and sunny.  The week after, not so much.


Thanks to Grandma, Papa and Phoenix for braving the weather and cheering Delaney on!

It was turnabout time!  Delaney was excited to get all dressed up and ready for the dance.  For a year-round soccer girl, getting all decked up is definitely not her norm.

They were tortured with a photo session before they headed out; they survived just fine, however.  Afterwards they had a nice dinner at TGI Fridays before finishing up for the evening.




Great Grandma Imogene turned 94 this year!!!  It was so nice to celebrate with family and some friends.

Kenny and I both endured our birthdays again this February.  They really are much less of a celebration than when you are younger, aren't they?  And this year I had the added "bonus" of a snowstorm on my birthday.  Kenny and I were checking out the non-stop snow, definitely no birthday dinner out that evening.  It was nice though to have two snow days afterwards; the kids were ecstatic!


February 29th was Rare Disease Day: a day to raise awareness of all the rare diseases in the world, including LAM!  Since its start in 2008, Rare Disease Day has grown larger each and every year.

Thanks to everyone for your support of Delaney and Ken's trip to England with her Three Lions Club.  Everyone purchased raffle tickets (although no one won from our group), helped sell to others and shared the information with others.  Delaney has made her goal, and a little bit extra to help with some of Ken's way.

Now, time for Spring!

Ken, Dani, Dee & Kyle