Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Last Soccer Tournament - Winners!

Delaney's team had their last soccer tournament of the season this past weekend. It was a bit of a hike to Rockford, Illinois! UGH! They were playing at the Watermelon Tournament. The weather was nice, definitely not too hot, perfect for them playing soccer (but I still needed a sweater). We got a picture of the entire team -- Three Lions U12 Girls, 2011:

And Dee, of course:

The girls played soooooooo well this weekend! They won every single game they played at the tournament. The final game was 6-0, and Delaney got 4 of those goals! Woo-hoo!

The girls were so excited to win first place in this tournament. They all got "champions" shirts! Great job, ladies!


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Severe Storm!

Who was home on Saturday, June 4th, and endured the storm that blew through hard enough to knock trees over!?!? The weather went from the mid-90's, beautiful and sunny, to black and low-70's in a manner of minutes. You could literally see a wall of black coming towards you. I was home alone, while Kenny and the kids were out running errands.

I couldn't even get all my windows closed in the house before hearing trees crack and fleeing to the basement. Kenny and the kids heard a siren as they were leaving the Lake County library and promptly went right back inside the building for cover. The storm didn't last long, but it sure left quite a mess behind. It also caused us to be without our power for almost two days (and a lot more for others, I know!). In this article, a National Weather Service meteorologist determined it was not a tornado as there was no evidence of rotating or swirling winds -- only straight line winds, estimated up to 110 mph. Hundreds of trees were toppled, homes and garages were damaged, vehicles were crushed, power lines were down, and there was simply debris everywhere! And here is a link to some Channel 7 news footage, in nearby St. John.

We thankfully escaped the storm with very little damage. We felt very lucky after seeing the devastation around our neighborhood. All we lost was a top portion of both of our trees in the front of our houses, blocking our road for a bit and making quite a mess. Kenny and Delaney were out walking the neighborhood afterwards making sure everyone was okay, helping people with damage, and realizing once again how fortunate we were with so little damage and everyone home safe and sound.

These are all pictures from our immediate neighborhood. Many neighboring cities like Hebron, St. John and others also received as much or even more damage! Scary stuff!