Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Six Flags Day!!!

Kenny took Tuesday off from work, and we took the kids to Six Flags for the day. They had each earned their free ticket from reading, and we were running out of time to get there this summer. The summer vacation is going by so quickly! (* gasp *)

We had an absolutely beautiful, sunny day! Delaney and I started our day off in the Hometown Square riding a family roller coaster, the Whizzer.

Well... we definitely could have had a better start to our day. The ride got STUCK at the top of the spiral lift with US IN IT -- just hanging around 70 feet in the air!!! We did have QUITE a nice, lengthy view of the entire park from our unique vantage point!

One of the poor employee's working there, had to trudge by foot up every single circular level until he way was up there with us. He had to inform us what was going on, probably make sure that no one tried to get out and walk down, and inform us that they had the technicians coming over to get the ride going again. I'd say we were stuck there at least 15-20 minutes or so, before we finally finished the ride. YIKES!

We made our way over to the Southwest Territory to ride an oldie but goodie - the Chubasco, spinning teacups. Since Kenny can NOT handle spinning rides, those are all left to me while he snapped pictures!

Delaney was tall enough to ride every ride in the park, but that didn't mean she actually wanted to! We couldn't talk her into riding some of the bigger roller coasters with us. So Kenny and I ended up riding the Raging Bull by ourselves. It features a 208 foot first drop with a top speed of 73 miles per hour. It was pretty awesome! Maybe someday our kids will ride the "thrill" rides with us!

Then we talked Kyle into riding the Ricochet with Delaney and I (spinning ride again = no Kenny). Since there was only 2 people per cart, Delaney had to ride by herself. Away we went...

The spinning part didn't bother Kyle, but when they started "ricocheting" or swinging out the carts, Kyle was done with the ride. Problem was, the ride had quite a ways to go. :-( He was a pretty unhappy dude for a bit, but he was pretty ecstatic when the ride was over. He did not feel the urge to ride this one again. Delaney, however, was all for it.

Kyle's all-time favorite ride once again was located in the County Fair: the Buccaneer Battle! He probably would have rode this ride the entire day and been just fine.

Not that Delaney and Kenny didn't enjoy the ride too! I did ride it once, but that was enough for me! I somehow escaped being thoroughly soaked that ride, and I didn't want to push my luck with multiple rides. I was content to take pictures of them riding and continue to have dry underwear! LOL

Afterwards, Kenny and Kyle were taking turns on deck adding to the mayhem squirting riders on the boats! They were COMPLETELY soaked from head to toe.

Then in an effort to start drying off, the kiddos took their parents on a drive at the Great America Raceway. We had a nice leisurely drive -- it was nice being the passenger for a while -- and the kids were off to the next ride.

We convinced Kyle to ride his very first roller coaster in Camp Cartoon, the themed kids' area -- Spacely's Sprocket Rocket: Campground Shuttle Service. We rode the ride, which Kyle was definitely NOT thrilled with, and at the ending of the ride -- WE GOT STUCK AGAIN! Can you believe it? At least we weren't up way up high for very long, we literally got stuck at the end of the ride (they couldn't open the safety bars) and only had to wait about 5 to 10 minutes to get out. Kenny said that Delaney and I were bad luck. :-(

The next ride was probably Kyle's second favorite, the Roaring Rapids -- a family rafting adventure. After all our water rides, where I was somehow able to escape with hardly getting wet -- my luck was over. I wasn't COMPLETELY drenched from head to toe, but I was definitely pretty wet after this ride.

During all this, we obviously had the typical amount of waiting and lines to stand in. Yes, thankfully the park wasn't very crowded since it was a week day -- in fact, less crowded than previous weekdays we've attended -- but still there were lines. Which pleasantly enough, the kids did very well with!

As long as it wasn't a big thrill ride, Delaney was pretty much up to riding anything. We rode the Condor in Orleans Place. I think it took you up over 100 feet, so you got quite a nice aerial view of the park. Delaney and I rode it, Kyle was a no-go with Kenny no on the spinning action.

We rode a lot of other rides. Delaney and I rode the Ragin' Cajun. We again went for the single rider option to avoid the long line. Delaney actually rode it a few more times that way. (That darn spinning thing left Kenny out again.) We also rode the Logger's Run; Kyle was pretty unhappy with this one too, the drops were freaking him out. Delaney and I LOVED riding the Whirlgig, the swings -- riding it several times. Kenny misses out on so many fun rides with his aversion to spinning! Delaney and Kenny rode the Demon, in the shortest line to that ride EVER (awesome). I'm sure there were more that I'm forgetting, and Kenny and the kids towards the end of the day braved the Rue Le Dodge: bumper cars!

After a very long (and exhausting) day, we changed into dry clothes and headed home. Another fun day at Six Flags (Kyle's BEST DAY EVER), and we now have another year to recuperate and think about taking them again next year. :-)



Monday, July 12, 2010

Delaney won a Chicago Fire Coloring contest!

Way back in April of this year, Delaney entered a Chicago Fire coloring contest. She received a phone call earlier this week that she had WON her age bracket (ages 10-14), and they wanted to confirm our address to mail out her prize package! Woo-hoo! How exciting is that?!?

We received her package in the mail today. They sent back her drawing, signed by one of the players: John Thorrington, #11. She also received a team jersey signed by many players (she's wearing it in this pic) --

As well as all this other Chicago Fire stuff --

Which includes a bag, a poster, another t-shirt, a teddy bear, a ball, a key ring, and more! Delaney is pretty darn excited and surprised that she won. Great job, Dee!


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What a GREAT holiday weekend we had!

Our holiday started a day early on July 3rd, as Kenny and the kids went to Hebron to be in the parade with Aunt Danah and her boys. They were there representing her business, Greener Pastures, riding horses. Here is my dad Dan all gussed up for the event riding Sarah.

Here they are in the parade, Danah and Dad are towards the back.

Here is a closer shot of Aunt Danah riding Jackson.

Most of the kids were in the back of Danah's vet truck, ready to throw out candy in the parade.

Parker was in the gator with Kenny. They were trailing behind everyone in the parade on "poop patrol" cleaning up behind the horses. Parker was getting cheers everytime he cleaned up.

Afterwards, we headed out to Danah's to play the rest of the day in her new pool. Then we came back on the fourth to celebrate the holiday at Danah's big get-together, then we came back AGAIN on Monday. Whew!

The entire weekend had absolutely beautiful weather. The sun was shining, and it was simply gorgeous outside. The kids had on their new patriotic suits!

The kids wore Kenny out. They were having him toss them up in the air to flip and splash into the water. Parker got some great "hang time" here.

Delaney kept flipping completely over into the water.

Connor was the lightest, so he could really get up there.

Kyle had a blast, asking again and again to be thrown up in the air.

Great Grandma Imogene and my mom watched from the front porch, as the kids were going crazy in the pool.

Taggert even had his own "fourth of july" handkerchief for the festivities.

And there was soooooo much yummy food!!! I think we all ate way too much, but it was definitely good. Danah even made a special cake for the party.

The last couple of nights, we watched an awesome firework display orchestrated by Kenny and Scott. It was crazy how many there were, but they were definitely beautiful!

The fourth went by way too fast. But I'm sure the kids and I will be hanging out at the pool as much as we can the rest of the summer.