Thursday, October 18, 2012

Grandparent's Day and More Soccer!

Kyle's Grandparent's Day Program was last Tuesday on the 9th; both the 4th graders and the 3rd graders performed together.  It was super cute.  The grades were split into two "camps."  The 4th graders, Kyle's class, was the Technology camp (a good fit for Kyle!), while the 3rd graders were the Non-Technology camp.  The ending moral was that a good mix of both was best -- not to rely entirely on one or the other. 


And after the performance, the kids' favorite part: cookies with the grandparents.  Here's a quick picture of Kyle and PaPa enjoying some of our Oatmeal Molasses cookies that we brought in:


And Delaney's fall soccer season continues, of course!  Her Three Lions team is working hard in the top division in the state, currently they are 5-5-3 -- with one league game and one tournament left.  Delaney's leading in goals and assists right now.



Her team even wore pink ribbon socks in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month at their last tournament. 


And Kenny has been temporarily helping Three Lions out coaching here and there, while Dee's coach is back in England.  So I've snapped a few pictures of him as well:


It's hard to believe that it is the middle of October already -- a few of Delaney's recent games have been frigid!!!  I am so not ready for the cold weather.  :-(