Monday, January 23, 2012

Delaney is Thirteen Years Old!

It's hard to believe that we have a daughter who is thirteen years old! Her birthday was back on January 4th, but we weren't able to schedule her family birthday party until this past Sunday. Her grandparents, cousins and most of the family were there to celebrate her birthday.

If you didn't notice, Delaney got her VERY long hair cut short! She got more than enough chopped off to donate to Locks of Love. She had been thinking on and off about it, and she apparently decided it was time! She got it cut back on January 16th, and it has been very hard keeping quiet about it. She wanted it to be a surprise at her birthday party, so now that the 'cat is out of the bag' -- we can finally post about it!

Everyone has loved her new hairstyle, and she has absolutely no regrets. She can just get her hair into a very small ponytail for soccer practice. All is good! :-)

Here she is blowing out the 13 (!) candles, with her brother and some cousins sending good wishes of their own. Her cake was a purple leopard-print design, that Aunt Danah decorated up for her to match her new bedroom decor. She decided that her old bedroom decor was 'too young', and for Christmas and her birthday selected a brand new bedroom set. We've been putting her room back together in stages, and it is almost finished! Just a few final changes to make...

This is the new 'teenager approved' decor! :-)

Delaney received lots of wonderful gifts including some birthday cash, gift cards, a flat iron (perfect for her new hair!), and a jewelry box that she filled up that very night after her party. She's a very lucky girl to be surrounded by such wonderful family and friends.

We actually had a small double-celebration that day, as Delaney's great-grandma Imogene turned 90 this month on January 17th! Most definitely something to celebrate!!!

After all the festivities were over, Kyle ended up playing outside in the snow and creating his first snowman of the year.

And it is a good thing we snapped a picture, because the warm and stormy weather that blew in melted poor Mr. Snowman overnight. We woke up to a pile of mushy show with a very wet hat and scarf. Kyle was a little bummed Mr. Snowman didn't even last 24 hours!!!

And Kenny is next, with yet another milestone birthday!

Ken, Dani, Dee & Kyle