Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day weekend!

We had a fun (and busy) Mother's Day weekend. We started off our Saturday with soccer games. I know, I know -- shocking news!!! Delaney had two Three Lions home games; the first one was at 12:00. Her team played very well. The final score was something like 8-0, and Delaney got a couple of goals.

After the game, everyone had to split off and head different ways. Kyle went with Grandpa Babe and Grandma Kathe. He had a game later in the afternoon at Valparaiso. Kenny and I weren't able to go, but they won their game 8-3. Delaney went off with PaPa and Dinah Grandma. She had another home game later in the afternoon. We had to miss that game too. The final score was 5-1, and she got another 2 goals again! All in all, a winning day of soccer for the kiddos.

Kenny and I headed down to Indianapolis to a Dierks Bentley concert! The concert was simply awesome. It was at the Murat Theatre in Indianapolis -- a beautiful, historical theatre. You had the feeling of a nice, intimate show and we had seats right up in the front. Dierks always puts on an amazing show, and he didn't disappoint again! We had seen him another year at the Morris Performing Arts Center in South Bend -- another beautiful historical place -- and we loved the show there too. We've also seen him with Brad Paisley at a HUGE venue, and while that show was awesome too... I have to say that the smaller locales are my favorite!

He also sang a new song that night, that will be on his upcoming album: Diamonds Make Babies. It was hilarious. Kenny had a friend who literally JUST proposed on Friday and he couldn't WAIT to share it with him.

Diamonds make babies,
And babies make mamas.
And mamas make daddies,
Make changes they don't always want.
I know that you love her,
she's one special lady.
But I'm warning you brother,
Diamonds make babies.

The kids spent the night with each of their grandparents, then they had to come back to Crown Point for yet another game on Mother's Day -- of course, there MUST be soccer games on Mother's Day! :-) Delaney and Kyle's games were at the exact same time again. Delaney was helping out the Crown Point team; and they won something crazy like 10-0. She said she got another 3 goals. I took pictures at Kyle's game. He somehow twisted his ankle before the game even started while they were warming up, so he didn't play a lot -- he was mainly in as goalie. Before the game started, the boys brought their Moms a carnation in celebration of Mother's Day. Cute!!! Their final game was 7-3; which was a great win for them as they lost to this same team the first time around. Great job, boys!

I received several wonderful gifts on Mother's Day! Kyle made me an awesome card, decorated up a beautiful planter filled with a gorgeous geranium, AND had a coupon booklet redeemable for chores and more with a smile. :-) Delaney wrote an ode to her mother which makes you laugh and cry. I am so blessed to have such loving and fabulous kids!!!

Happy Belated Mother's Day to everyone!

Ken, Dani, Dee & Kyle

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Today Kyle's school was celebrating Cinco de Mayo! Everyone could dress up and celebrate this fun day if they wanted, so Kyle borrowed PaPa's sombrero to wear for the festivities. :-) (Thank you, PaPa!) This also happened to be the day Kyle got braces on his two front teeth. For some reason, he had THREE sets of front teeth! With an extra set of teeth, there simply wasn't enough room for his teeth to grow in straight. So he has one very crooked front tooth, that will hopefully be straightened out in only six months. He only has brackets on his two front teeth on top, and then the two off of those on each side. (Delaney also got her braces on a holiday too -- April's Fool Day! Weird!)

Last night, Delaney was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society at her school.

I think she looks so grown up when she gets all dressed up. Kyle even asked me the other day when Delaney would be able to drive!!! When I thought about it, it was only like in three more years! (* gasp *) Sooooooo not ready for that! She also got her picture taken with a couple of her friends there who were also being inducted into Honor Society.

Delaney and Sydney:

Delaney and Mackenzie:

Of course, we've had SEVERAL soccer games since the last posting! Here are some pics from the last weekend!

Delaney actually played two games in the Indianapolis area Saturday. The first one was in Fishers, and the second one was in Westfield. They lost their first game 0-1, and then won their second game 6-1 (I think). Delaney also got an unplanned goal in that last game. She was actually crossing the ball, but the wind caught it and the ball went right in the back of the net.

She also played a game Sunday with the Crown Point team helping them out. They tied 3-3; she got 2 goals and 1 assist. Sorry we missed it, as we had to go to Kyle's game at the same time! The boys had a rough game this time around; there were NO SUBS (which meant no breaks)! It was a tiring and tough game, but they pulled out a 6-5 win!

Somehow, Easter has already come and gone too! We all had a little too much to eat, spent time with family, and had a nice soccer-free day. :-) The kids enjoyed Easter morning a lot as well. They woke up to a house filled with 122 eggs to find (courtesy of their father), and the Easter bunny left them each a nice basket of goodies too.

I asked if I could have 122 of these hidden throughout my house next year for Easter (but the response wasn't all that encouraging!). :-(

Still waiting for warmer weather to get here and stay!!!

Ken, Dani, Dee & Kyle