Sunday, September 6, 2009

Happy 14th Anniversary!

Can you believe we've been married for 14 years? Egads! It makes us sound so "old" to have been married that long. :-) HA!

On our ACTUAL anniversary night, September 2nd, my hubby planned us a romantic evening out in Chicago. It was a bit stressful figuring out if we could go, with a sick kid and homework issues, but once we straightened all that out -- we had a great time.

The weather was ABSOLUTELY gorgeous, sunny and warm -- a beautiful day. We walked around Navy Pier and took a lot of pictures.

And believe it or not, Kenny agreed to ride the Ferris Wheel! This, if you don't know, IS A BIG DEAL. Kenny isn't too fond of rides like this, so I was really surprised he volunteered to let us ride it. (I just had to promise not to rock the cart we were in.)

The view from the top was amazing! We were really up there.

We could even see the boat we were having our dinner cruise on from up there. Nice, huh?

We could finally board the boat after 6:00, the sun was starting to go down but it was still quite beautiful out.

Kenny had informed them it was our anniversary ahead of time, so we had an awesome dessert plate with Happy Anniversary in chocolate written around the edge of the plate.

Afterwards, we went back up to the observing deck and enjoyed the view.

The evening closed with a spectacular fireworks show off of Navy Pier. How cool is that?

It was a wonderful evening! Thanks, honey!!! :-)


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Pike Fest - Delaney's first tournament!

Delaney had her first tournament this past weekend in Indianapolis with her new travel team, Three Lions. We all had a great time. We got to spend a little bit of time with some friends who kindly let us crash at their house, the weather ranged a bit from cool to warm (but at least there was no rain!), and the travel team played together VERY WELL for their first time playing together in a game.

In the first game, Delaney got a couple of nice goals -- including one with her left foot (she was proud of that one!). She also got a lot of great crosses over. They won this game 6-0.

In the second game, she got a great goal - turned and hit it into the upper 90! Woo-hoo! The team they played against seemed to be a bit more skilled than their first one, but they still won 3-1. Three Lions was doing really well with their team skills - a lot of passing and working together. Great to see!

They had the opportunity to be in the championship game if they won Game 3. They really outplayed the other team. The ball was in our side of the field the majority of the game and they had MANY shots on goal. Unfortunately, they just could NOT get the ball in the net. Three Lions received a penalty kick against them, which was the only goal scored the entire game -- so it was a 0-1 loss. A hard way to lose, but next time Three Lions will have scored the goals so it wouldn't matter! :-)

Great job, ladies! Keep up the good work!

Three Lions fans!!! LOL!