Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving and More!

First, Kyle and Delaney would like to extend their third online holiday game challenge. This one is called Super Santa Kicker 2 (think holiday angry birds only with Santa), and they had a lot of fun -- with just a bit of frustration here and there -- getting through all the levels. Can you get through all the levels? Let us know!

If you missed their earlier challenges from the last couple of years, here is last year's Super Santa Kicker (the original) and Factory Balls, The Christmas Edition.  Good luck!  The kids love to hear other success stories (or failures) -- so please let them know how you did.

This year we had our Thanksgiving celebration a week early due to scheduling issues, so that everyone could be there.  We ate way too much food and had a nice time visiting everyone, and the kids had a great time visiting.  So for the actual Thanksgiving day, we just had a nice meal here at home just the four of us.  Kenny made an awesome turkey (with a new recipe), and we had another yummy meal.  :-)  Before we ate too much again, Delaney and Kenny headed out to play soccer in the morning at the 13th Annual Turkey Cup at the Dyer Indoor Soccer Arena.  This is Delaney's second year playing, but Kenny has played a few more years.  They had a great time.

We're having a wonderful Thanksgiving Break.  It's going by too fast.  (* sigh *)  We did get our Christmas decorating done in the house though.  :-)  The kids did a great job starting on the Christmas Tree.


  I came down to help finish up (and fill the gaps on the tree).  :-)


While Kenny started hanging our stockings and some of the more difficult decorations.

But he did come back in time to put on the most important ornament: the one that plays Kenny Roger's The Gambler with Santa going all in!

  Tah-dah!  Our Christmas tree is officially finished!


  Great job, guys!  :-)


And the rest of the house has been decorated too:

I also finally finished the new cushions -- behind the door and behind the couch.  YEAH!!!

  And last, but not least, we can't forget our soccer tree!!!  :-)

Ken, Dani, Dee & Kyle

Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Latest Events at the Benich Household!

First of all, Delaney decided to get her hair chopped yet again!  :-)  It's QUITE short now, but we all love it.  Hopefully, she will too (she's wanting less maintenance).   

Then, somehow it was Halloween already.  Kyle was supposed to pick a real person from history to dress up as for school, so he chose Blackbeard the Pirate.  (Kyle wants you to know that his real name was actually Edward.)  Kenny decided to go as a Chicago Fire player, while Delaney dressed up as a nerd.


She and a bunch of her friends went out trick-or-treating together.  They had a great time and afterwards, had a huge trading event switching out candies they didn't like with each other.


In November, Kyle started taking guitar lessons.  He's only had two lessons so far.  He's learned the parts of the guitar, a few notes and a few chords.  Maybe next time he might even learn his first little song.  

In the meantime, Delaney finished up her soccer season.  She's currently in a little bit of a break before winter training starts up.  Her last tournament was all the way down in Evansville, and Kyle and I opted to stay home that weekend (a bit too much driving for us). 






They also gave out the awards for the season that weekend, and Delaney received the award for Most Goals.  Way to go, Dee!


Is it sad that we're already looking forward to Thanksgiving Break?  :-)