Thursday, June 14, 2012

Our Past Few Crazy Weeks!!!

We were sort of right; the next couple of weeks WERE crazy... but so were the two more after that!  HA!  It's always something, right?  We're all very happy that school is out though!  YIPPEE!!!

First in our hectic schedule was a weekend trip to Fort Wayne for the State Cup with Delaney's soccer team.  It was a rough weekend for her team, as they drew the top team in the state for their first game.  They ended up losing both their games for the weekend.  PaPa and Dinah Grandma went and spent the weekend with us too; we had a lot of fun shopping and eating out in between games.

 It was also SUPER hot.  Here's PaPa catching some shade during a halftime to cool down a bit!!!

Kyle had more than enough AR points to earn a trip to the House of Kobe for lunch from his elementary.  He got to ride in a hummer limousine for the trip, and he absolutely LOVED it!  We heard a whole lot about the awesome limousine.  :-)  There was the largest group ever who qualified for the lunch, and their picture was put in the school's newsletter.  For some reason, Kyle is all but hidden in the picture.  We told him next time to stand up where people can see you for the picture.  I put a red circle around him, so you can even find him!

He ended up having the most AR points in the entire elementary (which is 1st through 5th grade), and he was a third grader.  He had over 1000 AR points -- way to go, Kyle!  He also received an art award and a perfect attendance award.  He was psyched!

While I was at the school, I checked out the school's "Bee-ing our Best" board.  This is a new program they started this year to encourage and reward good behavior.  I helped set this board up and it was very empty and huge; it is so hard to believe that it was completely FULL of good behavior bees -- a swarm!  :-) 

It took me a while, but I finally found Kyle's bees!  He received bees for helping clean up trash, setting a good example, being helpful, volunteering, helping read and achieving over 1,000 AR points. 

And when you earn five or more bees, you earn a special bee from the principal:

We are so proud of you, Kyle!  GREAT JOB!!!

Then we were off to South Bend with Delaney's team for a game with the Indiana Invaders, and then she was helping out the other team with a tournament while we were up there.

Then it was back to Fort Wayne to play the Fort Wayne Fever.  It seemed like there was a lot of traveling this year.  UGH!

Our last game was a home game again (finally), with Carmel Premier Blue.  After some rough games and losses, they won this game.  It was nice to win the last game of the season.  We think the final score was 3-1; Delaney got a couple of the goals.

That was it; the Spring 2012 soccer season was over.  Whew!  Rough season, hopefully they've learned a lot and will come back strong next season.

This summer, Delaney is participating in the Summer Teen Volunteer Program at the Crown Point Library.  She's helping out with the Summer Reading program.  The teens only get one four hour shift a week; she's there on Monday evenings.  By request, her friend Shelby has the same shift... so basically they have a great time hanging out and reading together on Monday evenings.  :-)

Then Delaney's soccer club, Three Lions, had an End of the Season party -- complete with a game vs. the parents and awards.  Everyone had a WONDERFUL time.  Delaney's maternal grandparents were able to come too.  I had to take a picture of my husband's and dad's t-shirts they were wearing, too funny (not planned):

Not everyone on her team was able to attend, but everyone who did had a blast.  It's not often that I have pictures to share of Kenny playing soccer, but I have NEVER had pictures to share of PaPa playing soccer!  So this is a first, and we have some good ones!

Here's all the brave players:

Then it was time for refreshments and awards, after all that hard work... they needed it!  (And the adults needed some Aleve!  HA!)  

Delaney was very excited to receive the Coach's Player Award this year!  Way to go, Dee! Maybe now we can actually chill out and enjoy the rest of summer vacation.  :-)

(Probably not, as Soccer Camp and Drama Camp starts up next week... but it's nice to dream!)

Ken, Dani, Dee & Kyle