Friday, March 1, 2013

February is Always a Busy, Busy Month!

This year it was Kim & Ed's 10th Wedding Anniversary on 2/15/13! Ten years ago, our little girl was an adorable flower girl at their wedding. It's really hard to believe that she was ever that little.  Kenny made them this cute little video:

Click here to see! (Hopefully this link works, as the file was pretty big!)

Finally, after many previous attempts (sick kids, auto problems, etc.) our friend RuthAnn was able to come and visit!  YEAH!  She visited with her niece Sara and daughter Gracie.  The girls had a lot of fun hanging out together (basically being bums):

Delaney and Sara have played together since they were pretty little, so RuthAnn made them take a picture together to match a much earlier pose.  (They weren't all that thrilled and did it without the stuffed animals this time.  HA!)

Delaney and Sara when they were little (with their Build-A-Bear pets):

And Delaney and Sara now, when they are teenagers.  What a difference, huh?

They were good sports!  :-)

Finally, Kyle got a brand new electronic guitar.  He absolutely loves it!  This guitar fits him a lot better, so hopefully it will be easier for him to keep up with his lessons.  We wouldn't have been able to find it without a lot of patience, tolerance and help from a lot of people -- so thanks to everyone who put up with all our incessant questions (as we know nothing about electronic guitars and all their paraphernalia).

Ugh, and I got to have another birthday too.  (Yeah, me.  I told Dee they aren't quite as much fun as you get older. HA!)  My mom thoughtfully saved me the candles from Kenny's birthday, so I could use them at mine.  (* roll eyes *)

Only one more birthday to go this year, then we are done for the year (our immediate family at least)!  Kyle is thinking of a minecraft theme. (They are addicted to that game.  How many other parents hear their kids tell each other, "You are getting low on cows."  Seriously.)

Kyle has also been trying out wrestling.  They have a program set up for grade school kids to try it out for a little bit -- a few practices, then a few actual meets.  Let's just say he's not overly fond of it, and unless something drastically changes... we don't see him wanting to play it again.  But he's being a (sorta) good sport and finishing out the program.  He's been getting better each time!  I'm not sure he has the same competitive drive that Dee has, at least in sports - because he definitely has it in abundance for video games!!!

After his last meet, Kenny and Kyle had to book it to the elementary to make the Science Fair.  I'm glad they were able to make it, because Kyle placed second with his project.  Great job, Kyle!!!  We're so proud of you!  He was pretty excited.

And this month, whether the weather is going to get nice or not, Delaney's soccer starts back up!  Her Three Lions team will start off with a tournament in Indianapolis; here's praying for A LOT warmer weather than we have now.

Ken, Dani, Dee & Kyle