Monday, February 11, 2013

Kenny's Jail Experience and Birthday! Fun Times!!!

For all our friends who aren't on Facebook, here are Kenny's jail pictures.  Kenny was working at Taft's Beach Bash.  It's a big annual fundraising event for the middle school Delaney attends, and the kids have a lot of fun at it.  One of the many activities available is you can pay to send your friend to 'jail' for a short period of time.  This year, Delaney figured out she could send her Dad to jail -- and she took photos of the entire event.

There is an actual police officer there to escort those who need to serve their jail time to the facility.

As she was snapping photos, Delaney was laughing the entire time.

And then she spent the remainder of the bash avoiding him so he couldn't retaliate.  Doesn't that smile say, just you wait?  (He never could find her, by the way.)

Good times, good times!  She now opened the door for Kyle.   Since it took her until 8th grade to figure this out, she only had this one shot.  When Kyle hits 6th grade, he'll have three years to take advantage of this!  :-)

We also got to celebrate Kenny's birthday!   Check out these 'lovely' birthday candles that my parents found for him.  Sweet, huh?

Happy Birthday, honey!  We love you!!!

Dani, Dee & Kyle