Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Summertime!  It didn't seem like it would ever get here, and it is ever so lovely now that it is here.

Our last post was before school was out, so we have some end of school stuff to go over.  Kyle had a quite enjoyable ending to his last year in grade school.  He had a lot of fun end of school year events: a lunch at House of Kobe (for all those with AR points over 300), a Hoosier party to celebrate those who read all the Hoosier books, Double Points Doughnuts Day for those who achieved double their AR points, a picnic to celebrate the end of the school year (which had to be inside due to the weather), a miniature golf fun night for the 5th grade, and a 5th grade luncheon where they dressed up and had a nice meal and received their class awards.  Kyle brought home a lot of awards, especially for his reading!  He earned 1521.8 AR points, the most ever at Solon (and the entire district apparently), and he was voted "most likely to succeed" by his classmates.  It seemed like every other day he was having a party or event or something. While Delaney's end of school year experiences consisted of lots and lots of studying for finals.

Their House of Kobe trip, they took an extended limo:

Delaney did have a positive event in the midst of all her not-so-fun studying.  She achieved the most goals for the season with her Three Lions team. Way to go, Dee!

The last day of school went all the way to Tuesday, June 10th due to all our snow days. 

After 10 years straight, we no longer have a child in grade school.  It's hard to believe that we are the parents of a child in high school and one in middle school... maybe even just a tad sad.

The last day of school was also the start of try-outs for the new Three Lions United team.  Delaney's Three Lions team combined with two other premier clubs in the area: NWI United FC and Indiana Magic.  It will be exciting to see what happens with the next season.

Immediately after the end of school, Delaney did get to have some down time.  She went to Michigan with a friend and her family and had a really nice time. I think that helped make up for all the fun events that Kyle had at the end of the school while she was studying.  :-)

We celebrated Father's Day out at my sister's house.  Unfortunately, it wasn't QUITE warm enough to go swimming (only Kyle braved the pool), but we did get to play some bean bag toss, lawn golf, and even some croquet!

The best, at least to Delaney and me (besides spending time with our dads of course), was that we got to play with Danah's five adorable black kittens!  The little buggers are exactly alike, so we never did figure out how to tell them apart.  But they are sooooo cute.  Anyone need a baby kitty?

Delaney's Crown Point soccer has already started up, she has her early morning practices and this week she is helping out with the soccer camp for the younger kids.  Kyle had his theater camp last week, and hopefully we are settling down to our routine of not really having too much of a routine in the summertime.  :-)

And this last Sunday evening, we went out to eat at Catch 22 in Merrillville and watched the World Cup game with USA vs Portugal on the big screen.  Delaney and Kenny were all decked out to support the US:

With the quick goal from Portugal in the first few minutes, the beginning could have been better, and at half-time we were still 0-1.  But we did finally answer the goal in the second half, tying it up 1-1 with a goal by Jones.  So exciting, now we have a game!  Then we got another one by Dempsey, basically bouncing off his chest into the net giving the US a 2-1 lead.  It seemed like the entire restaurant was chanting, "USA, USA" for each goal earned!  Then the game was almost over, we were in overtime and getting ready to leave the restaurant when in the overtime minutes, the US let Portugal sneak another one in giving a final score of 2-2.  Shocking!  It's definitely great to not have a loss, but so disappointing to end in a tie like that right at the very end.

Ken, Dani, Dee & Kyle