Thursday, August 18, 2011

And so it begins... busy, busy, busy!!!

It's all starting back up... soccer, school! The crazy is back. :-) Delaney had her first soccer tournament this past weekend in Indianapolis. It was a Round Robin tournament, so they got to play all the teams. This year Delaney is on a Three Lions U13 team. They are playing on a larger field, with a full sized ball, and have 11 people on the field. They played two games on Saturday, and one game on Sunday.

Their first game was with FC Pride; they lost 1-3 -- Delaney scored.

Their second game was with Fusion Orange; they won 2-0. Delaney got an assist on this game.

Their third game was with the Little Mavs; they lost 3-4. They were behind like 1-4; they did a great job not giving up and playing the game. They got to 3-4 with around 6 or so minutes left. We were all hoping for a last minute goal for a tie. :-) Delaney got a couple of goals in this game.

A good start to the season; giving them a taste of working on the larger field with all the changes. Now they know what to work on! :-)

Yesterday, Kenny took off of work to have a little bit of a family day together on the last day before school started! First we had a yummy lunch at Beggar's Pizza, taking advantage of their lunch buffet. Then we spent a little time at the Crown Point Family Fun Center playing miniature golf and letting the kids ride the go-karts. It was a lot hotter than I realized, standing out there in the sun playing miniature golf. (I'm not sure I would have agreed to this, had I realized!!!)

Afterwards we did a little last minute school shopping, then it was time to head home. After playing one game of Wii Party with the kids (the board game, Kyle won!)... it was time for bed! Early bedtimes again with school the next day, hard to believe!!!

Today, Delaney had her first day of 7th grade. It's hard to believe that this is her SECOND year in middle school!!!

And Kyle had his first day of 3rd grade!!! He was so excited to meet his brand new teacher today. :-)

It seemed like forever for summer to actually start, and now it seemed like it hardly took anytime to go by!


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Another California Trip!!!

Believe it or not, Kenny had to go back to California to do a job just a few days after we got back from our earlier trip. He wanted me to come with, and I initially said no many times... thinking that I was already going to be tired from the previous trip. But he wore me down, and I decided to go ahead and go. (Thinking that it could be fun to go on a trip just Kenny and I, leaving the kids home with their grandparents.) So, off we went!!!

We didn't take many pictures since it was just Kenny and I, but we did take a few. It's really hard to not have a good time in California. Poor Kenny did have to work a few days, while I just lounged around the pool, read a lot, and basically relaxed. Basically doing whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted... it was really weird to not have to tell the kids to stop fighting, make meals, do laundry, etc. :-) When Kenny was off, we did some sightseeing, ate out, and even went to Universal Studios one day.

Here was our view one evening at supper:

Nice, huh? The restaurant was literally right on the beach. We did try to take some pictures at Universal, here are a few:

We rode just about every single ride there, except for the Jurassic Park ride (the weather was nice, but not hot... did NOT want to get wet).

We also went on the Studio Tour. We saw many lots where movies and television shows were filmed, including this remnant of the War of the Worlds movie. They actually destroyed a real plane for this film.

And we took in the shows as well, including the Water World show. It was all really neat!

We paid extra for our tickets and got "Front of the Line" passes. They were awesome. We literally were able to bypass each and every line and all but walk right in and ride any ride we wanted, anytime, and as many times as we wanted. It was an entirely different experience for an amusement park, and it was definitely worth the extra expense.

Back to reality! :-( Back to fighting siblings, laundry, cooking, cleaning... you name it. I am so over flying for a while though (flying with oxygen is so annoying on so many levels), maybe our next trip will be a road trip!