Friday, October 21, 2011

So much for the warm soccer weather!

This past Sunday, Delaney had not one, but TWO games back down in Zionsville. Literally, in the same place we were the previous weekend for the tournament. Unfortunately, the weather was most definitely NOT as nice as before. It was cold, overcast and extremely windy. UGH!

Their first game was against Zionsville Select at 10:00am our time. Nothing like being up and ready on a weekend to leave the house at 7:00am! ICK! They played hard, but just couldn't get the ball in the net and lost 0-2.

In between games we had a delicious lunch at Oobatz in Zionsville. We had a bucket of scrumptious garlic knots as an appetizer and way too much food for lunch. Portions were obviously not skimpy! We even took home enough food for the kids to have a couple more meals. We will definitely have to visit Oobatz again.

Their second game was against Fusion Orange. This time around they didn't seem to have a problem finding the net. I think the final score was 4-1. The girls were very excited to finish up the day with a win!

Delaney got one of the goals. She was kicking the ball in and the goalie made a great save and bounced it back out at her, so Delaney just promptly hit it right back in. :-)

If you count taking out the goalie, Delaney also got at least one of the assists! She was heading in trying for another goal, and ended up taking out the goalie (and herself) so that Ashley could sneak right in and tap the ball right in the goal. Sweet!

A great way to end yet another day of soccer.


Friday, October 14, 2011

No braces and some soccer drama!!!

This past Thursday, Kyle got off his braces! Woo-hoo! This wasn't a full set of braces (he'll probably have to get those too later, as he gets older like Delaney has now), just 4 brackets on his top front teeth (due to the fact that he had THREE sets of front teeth). He was sooooo excited to get them off. The orthodontist gave him a cup full of candy/food that he was not supposed to eat while he had braces, that he can enjoy now!

I used to have such a hard time having him smile before (I think it bothered him having that really crooked front tooth), but look at that nice smile now! :-)

Also, last weekend was Soctoberfest down in the Indianapolis area. Delaney's first game was in the morning, and I think it was supposed to be one of their toughest games of the tournament.

It was almost halftime, and the score was still 0-0. Delaney was aggressively following a loose ball, trying to get a goal; and she collided with the goalie who was aggressively trying to capture the loose ball. Delaney said that her shin collided with the goalie's knee. After Delaney went down, she never got back up. :-(

You should be able to click on any image and see a larger image. Here is a bit of a sequence of Delaney going down. Coach Graeme ended up carrying her off of the field. We knew she was hurting at that point, and Kenny was really concerned that she might have a fracture after checking her out shortly afterwards. She was out the second half of the game. So we had an unexpected trip to urgent care, but thankfully the x-ray showed no fracture at all. YEAH, talk about being relieved on that possibility being eliminated! She just bruised a small membrane or tissue or something behind her shin and between the bones, that apparently has a lot of nerves which was contributing to the severe pain. She had to sit out of the second game that day too, which was KILLING her. Because without her, the team had no substitutes.

She didn't want to leave that evening, as the day went on, she was feeling a little bit better. She was slowly trying to put more and more weight on her leg, and she said she would be able to play the third game the next day. She was using a lot of ice and some Aleve, and we decided we'd give her a chance since the doctor said it was okay to walk on her leg (it was just up to her when she felt she could walk on it).

The next morning, she was insisting she was fine and ready to play. So we headed out to the field for the next game. They ended up losing their first game 0-1, and then they won their second game 2-1. If they wanted to make the final game later in the day, they needed a win here.

It was a tough game. They ended up losing 0-1, so their tournament time was over. Delaney was hurting a little, so it gave her a chance to ice her leg and then rest it for the week. Hopefully she'll be fine for the games coming up tomorrow (Sunday the 16th).

The entire team also got some really neat hair holders from Kat's mom! Nice, huh?

Until next time!


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What a beautiful day for soccer!

This past Sunday the weather was absolutely beautiful! It was sunny and in the high 60's. You can't beat that for an October soccer game. Delaney's Three Lions team was playing the Indiana Invaders at home (two home games in a row, NICE!).

The score was 0-0 for most of the first half, but just before the end, Delaney got off another cross. The ball landed in the center, was fought over a bit, then Addy finally kicked the ball toward the net -- ONLY to have it bounce slightly off the crossbar. There were some anxious moments while we were waiting to see if the referee counted it as a goal. And success, it was a goal! The score was 1-0 as we went into halftime.

The girls were playing so well! It was a pleasure to see them working together, passing well, and controlling the ball. Rachel was playing center midfield most of the game, but she was able to get up close up and take a powerful shot right over everyone's heads and into the goal! I missed the shot! No picture, but she was all but dancing afterwards. The final score was 2-1, Three Lions win!!!