Monday, January 11, 2010

Delaney's 11th Birthday Party!

Delaney turned 11 on January 4th, and we celebrated that evening by taking her out to eat to her favorite restaurant, Olive Garden. We went ahead and let her open her birthday gifts from Kyle and us that night too. She was happy to open another Webkinz from Kyle (a walrus, who she named Buckteeth), and a Rockband guitar and the country track pack from us. She has been avidly working on building her "career" in her spare time, and she's getting pretty good at it.

Yesterday, we were finally able to hold her family birthday party. She was quite ready since her birthday was like 6 days earlier!!! I thought she looked like a queen holding court with all her cousins surrounding her watching her open her gifts. :-)

She got some adorable clothes as always, this cute penguin outfit being one of them. She also got a great soccer outfit, which somehow I didn't get a picture for it. She wore the soccer outfit with a new soccer bracelet as well today to school.

She also received the new Wii Fit Plus, which we all played last night after the party was over. It is so cute, there are a lot of new games on there. Kyle loved the snowball fight and Kung Fu game, although I think Delaney ended up beating his score on one or both of them. She also got some fun DSi stuff, so she was a pretty lucky girl with all the awesome presents from her loving family.

Then, of course, it was off to cake and ice cream!!! Yummy! She wanted a glazed angel food cake again, and we made "sorting hat" cupcakes to go along with her Harry Potter theme.

All the cousins anxiously awaiting their cake and ice cream, what a beautiful and handsome group of kiddos!

Delaney blew out her candles, and Michael started us off singing Happy Birthday!

Afterwards, we played a bunch of games and Delaney introduced everyone to Rock Band. Michael even got to try to play the guitar. :-)

Thanks to everyone for helping Delaney celebrate her 11th birthday!

Ken, Dani, Delaney & Kyle

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